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Regional Preview


103 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Brandon Ashley - KB vs #4 Zach Aguirre - Qui
#3 AJ DeLeon - Oth vs #2 AJ Cummings - Eph
#2 Tallon Cerna - Con vs #3 Jason Fleming - Qui
#4 Scott Thompson - EV vs #1 Nick Ruff - Casc

103 - Brandon Ashley wins his second straight district title with a comanding victory over Tallon Cerna. If Thompson, DeLeon, Cerna and Ashley are the top four wrestlers in the state, then Brandon has just taken the first step to a state title this year. He has a season record of 4-2 against those four wrestlers. He will probably face DeLeon in the semi's for what will be another memorable match. Unless Nick Ruff upsets Thompson or Cerna, Brandon will face one of them in the final, if he can make it past DeLeon yet again.


119 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Dago Velasquez -Con vs #4 Abelino Ramirez - Qui
#3 Jose Mendez - Con vs #2 Steev Turner - Cash
#2 Tony Cantu - Oth vs #3 Tommy Race - Chel
#4 Ryan Corke - KB vs #1 Chris Smith - Eph

Ryan Corke stunned Mendez in the second round, beating Jose 2-1. Mendez came back latter in the tournament to beat Ryan, but the damage had already been done. Ryan needed to upset someone to advance and that is just what he did. This shows just what Ryan is capable of. He will need a few of these type of upset matches at regionals to advance to state. His first match will be against North champion Chris Smith, whom he defeated 3-2 at the Best of the West duals. A first round upset? Don't be surprised if it happens.



130 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 JD Gomez - Oth vs #4 Ben Kite - Cash
#3 Michael Velasquez - Con vs #2 Mark Ouradnik - Eph
#2 Ernest Guzman - Oth vs #3 Bryan Race - Chel
#4 Ryan Burns - KB vs #1 Jeff Smith - Chel

Ryan Burns wrestled well on the second day of the district tournament and secured a spot at regionals. He will need to turn it up another notch to advance to state. He is completely capable of wrestling better as he showed against Mark Ouradnik at the Best of the West duals. He defeated Ouradnik in OT to help the team to a 35-30 win. Ryan will need performances like that one to grab a state spot.


135 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Rigo Pruneda - Oth vs #4 Stuart Cambell - Casc
#3 Derrick Gray - Con vs #2 Tommie Lindquist - Qui
#2 Junior Gonzalez - KB vs #3 Colby Reilly - Eph
#4 Jess Leon - Top vs #1 Garrett Dart - Cash

Junior wrestled his heart out against Pruneda, but still came up on the short end. Leading 15-14 late in the third round, Junior let Pruneda escape and then got caught in another Pruneda throw as time expired. Junior finds himself on the opposite side of the bracket from Lindquist and Pruneda at regionals, which could be a good thing. Dart's pin of Lindquist may have been a fluke, so the top contenders may be on the same side of the bracket. Reilly and Dart will be excellent competition however. Any lapse in concentration by Junior could keep it out of the state tournament. Junior does seem to find a way to win in those situations though.


140 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Justin Corke -KB vs #4 Jacob Stacey - Eph
#3 Freddie Flores - Oth vs #2 Brandon Sims - Cash
#2 David Rae - Con vs #3 Jesse Sanchez - Omak
#4 Justin Hastings - Nac vs #1 Scott Ouradnik - Eph

Justin just plain abused David Rae in the finals of the South district. Rae must have landed on his head 6 times after throws by Justin. It looks like its going to be Corke - Ouradnik IV in the regional finals. Ouradnik holds a 2-1 edge, but Corke won the last time they met. Justin has the ability to beat anybody. He is just overpowering at times, leaving his opponents scratching their heads, wondering what just happened to them. Look for some high flying throws on his opponents at regionals.


145 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Josh Corke - KB vs #4 Levi Parkins - Cash
#3 Kyle Prescott - Nac vs #2 Steven Smith - Casc
#2 Jorge Anguiano - Oth vs #3 Isaac Wolf - Qui
#4 Jesus Olascon - Oth vs #1 Willy Ives - Omak

I consider Josh Corke an untouchable in the CWAC regional tournament. A returning state champ with just one loss this season, Josh is set to defend his regional title. Willy Ives will probably be Josh's toughest test in this tournament. Just a warm-up for state though. The biggest thing Josh will have to fight at this tournament is boardem and carelessness.


152 - 2st Round Opponents
#1 Alex Torres - Oth vs #4 Scott Caudill - Cash
#3 Jacob Holden - EV vs #2 Jacob Sypher - Chel
#2 Ricardo Magana - Con vs #3 Josh Cate - Omak
#4 Ryan Phipps - KB vs #1 Mason Massey - Chel

Ryan Phipps had a great tournament and will be rewarded with a trip to regionals. Another great tournament is what he will need to continue on to state. He is capable of beating Magana and Torres, which he will probably need to do. Ryan seems to be getting better each week and may be peaking at just the right time. Mistake free, aggressive wrestling should be the plan for the day.


160 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Juventino Orozco - Con vs #4 Ramiro Alvarez - Casc
#3 Tony Lee - Con vs #2 Dean Agee - Omak
#2 Brandon Wagner - Nac vs #3 Josh Hargrove - Chel
#4 Justin Rolland - KB vs #1 Zach Harris - Eph

Justin Rolland must have put a scare into Juventino with 2 takedowns and just a 4 point deficit going into the third round. If Justin can put three quarters together like the first two he wrestled against Orozco, he should have no problem making it to state. He will have to do that in each match, no let up. Justin has pinning power and will need to use that to perform some upsets.


171 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Josh Corriell - KB vs #4 Daniel Sypher - Chel
#3 Jeremiah Rodriguez - Oth vs #2 Ben Niccum - Cash
#2 Joe Rosenkranz - Nac vs #3 Tyrel Sandelin - Casc
#4 Teo Rios - Top vs #1 Kelly Davis - Eph

Josh Corriell is another untouchable for the Bears. Corriell has defeated Rodriguez, Rosenkranz, Niccum and Davis during the year. Davis kept it close losing just 4-0 at the Best of the West, though it was still a dominating performance by Josh. A determined Josh is what we have been seeing lately. It looks as if it is going to be impossible for anyone in the CWAC to even score on Josh. This is shaping up to be the year Josh adds his name to the growing list of Ki-Be state champs.


189 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Andy DeLeon - Oth vs #4 Dan Worley - Cash
#3 Hector Gonzalez - KB vs #2 Adam Burkhart - Chel
#2 Mick Gause - EV vs #3 Justin Hoefner - Cash
#4 Paul Santos - EV vs #1 Clint Webley - Qui

Hector is rounding into shape just in time for regionals. He could play a big part in this regional tournament. If Burkhart is not ready, or thinking that the first round is going to be easy, he may get a rude awakening. Hector is gaining confidence and with the confidence is coming agressiveness. He is initiating the action and making good on his scoring opportunities. His chances of advancing to state are looking better all the time.


275 1st Round Opponents
#1 Ross McDorman - KB vs #4 James Peery - Cash
#3 Kyle Davis - Oth vs #2 Jake Healy - Eph
#2 Kevin Hunter - KB vs #3 Clinton Meacham - Casc
#4 Francisco Martinez - Con vs #1 Jake Byl - Omak

Ross McDorman and Kevin Hunter are darkhorses in this weightclass. Both have won championships this year. They have both benefited from practicing with each other. And both could be making a trip to state. Standing in their way are Kyle Davis and Clinton Meacham. Hunter pinned Meacham and McDorman pinned Davis.

Kevin is seeking a trip to state in his final season, a goal that is very achievable. The road through regionals will be a rough one, but Kevin is a different wrestler this year and his desire to succeed is great. If he continues to wrestle as he has this year, he should get his shot at state.

Ross has been a nice fit for the Bears. Ross is aggresive and very intelligent in his attack. He trailed Davis in their match at district, but made him pay for a mistake with a pin. A trip to state is quite possible for Ross. Hopefully it will not come down to Kevin and Ross battleing for that trip to state.


The Bears send 12 wrestlers to state, including 5 champions and 2 runners-up. If all goes well, maybe the Bears could unseat Othello as the regional champs this year.