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Josh Corke - 145

(3-1, 19 team Pts, 2nd)


Josh started strong with a major decision against Brandon Tobert of Hoquiam in the first round. Things got a lot tougher against Chris Long and Nels Jorgenson in the next two rounds. Against Long, Josh was able to make a his one takedown hold up for the win. Against Jorgenson in the semi's, Josh dominated the match, but Jorgenson kept it close and the match was tense till the end. In a rematch of the 2002 finals with Mike Griffith of Lakeside, Josh came out strong but Griffith slowed him down with a barrage of takedowns and some back points. Josh recorded a late takedown, but it was too little too late as Griffith won the title this time. Josh ends his great highschool career with 3 medals (1st, 2nd, 7th).

1st Round

WBMD 14-2 over Brandon Tobert of Hoquiam


WBD 2-1 over Chris Long of South Whidbey


WBD 6-3 over Nels Jorgenson of Tenino




Josh started strong against Griffith and nearly got a takedown early. Griffith fought back and both went out of bounds with no scoring.

Griffith got the first points midway through the first period.

Josh made it 2-1 with an escape.

Griffith made it 4-1 with another takedown in the first.

Josh closed the gap with another escape, 4-2.

Griffith built his lead to 13-3 before Josh finally recorded a takedown.

Josh gave it his all with time running out and nearly had
Griffith on his back in the closing seconds. No back points
awarded and Griffith won the title 13-5.