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Josh Corriell - 171

(4-0, 1pin, 25 team pts, Champion)


Josh Corriell becomes the 5th state champion at Ki-Be. The only points scored on Josh in the tournament were on escapes. Josh was really never threatened in any of his matches and was not going to be denied his title. His best move during the tournament was a firemans which he used almost at will on his opponents. Not only did Josh defeat all comers in the 2A ranks, but the 4A champion had been a victim of Josh's attack during the season. Josh looked determined and showed an aggressiveness that carried him to the title. This was a great way for Josh to finish off his Highschool career. Josh went 1-2 at regionals as a freshman, was 0-2 at state as a sophomore and placed 8th at state last season. This is the kind of improvement all future wrestlers at Ki-Be should try to attain. His 37 wins this season are a school record.

1st Round

WBF at 4:39 against Ryan Britt-Comer of Elma


WBMD 10-2 over CJ Warren of Mt.Baker


WBD 7-2 over Dave Noble of Chewelah




Josh and Paul Rudisky wrestled cautiously for most of the first round. Late in the first, Josh got the first takedown on a firemans.

Josh road tough for the remainder of the first round.

Josh started the second round with an escape and a 3-0 lead.

A near takedown at the end of the second by Josh.

Josh caught Rudisky in another firemans in the third round to take 5-0 lead

Rudisky gave it a good try for a reverse in the third, but came up short.

The celebration begins

Josh is #1

Celebrating with Coach Rich

Celebrating with Coach Ben

Josh with the media

Ben with the media

Celebrating with Dad