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Junior Gonzalez - 135

(3-2, 6 team pts, 7th)


Junior had a tough first round match with Lance Somers, squeeking by with an 8-7 victory with an escape in the final seconds. He then came within 2 points of advancing to the semi's with a 5-4 loss to eventual 5th placer Lance Somers. In the consolations, Junior finally defeated Rigo Pruneda. Junior was able to counter Pruneda's attempts at high scoring throws and built a 6-2 lead, and held on for a 6-4 win. Garrett Dart stymied Junior in the next match with a 1-0 win. In the 7th place match, Junior faced Snyder again and this time dominated him, putting Snyder on his back a couple times for a major decision and 7th place. Junior has now won two medals in two years and is still on pace to become only the second wrester in Ki-Be history to win 4 medals.

1st Round

WBD 8-7 over David Snyder of Medical Lake


LBD 4-5 to Lance Somers of Rochester

Consolation 2nd Round

WBD 6-4 over Rigo Pruneda of Othello


Consolation 3rd Round

LBD 1-0 to Garrett Dart of Cashmere

7th place match

WBMD 14-6 over David Snyder of Medical Lake