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Homered in First At Bat

Through 2008 there have been 95 players who hit a home run in their very first major league at-bat. Eleven of those players were catchers. Terry Steinbach also homered in his very first All-Star at-bat.

Source: David Vincent, member of SABR

Catchers who Hit a Home Run in their 1st Major League At Bat

Paul Gillespie CHI-N, September 11, 1942 (3 yrs in MLB, 6 career HR's) @@
Hack Miller CLE-A, April 23, 1944 (2 yrs in MLB, 1 career HR) ##
Don Leppert PIT-N, June 18, 1961 (4 yrs in MLB, 15 career HR's)
Cuno Barragan CHI-N, September 1, 1961 (3 yrs in MLB, 1 career HR) ##
Bob Tillman BOS-A, May 19, 1962 (9 yrs in MLB, 79 career HR's)
Gene Lamont DET-A, September 2, 1970 (5 yrs in MLB, 4 career HR's) **
Mike Fitzgerald NY-N, September 13, 1983 (10 yrs in MLB, 48 career HR's) **
Terry Steinbach OAK-A, September 12, 1986 (14 yrs in MLB, 162 career HR's)
Mitch Lyden CHI-N, June 16, 1993 (1 yr in MLB, 1 career HR) ##
Miguel Olivo CHI-A, September 15, 2002 (current player, 73 career HR's) **
Mike Napoli LAA-A, May 4, 2006 (current player, 46 career HR)

** Only Homerun hit that year
## Only Homerun in Career
@@ Also hit a Homerun in Last Career At-Bat

{See list of Catchers whose LAST M.L. AT-BAT was a Homerun}

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