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In The Park Homeruns By Catchers
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There have been 357 In The Park Homeruns by catchers and 12 of them have been Grand Slams, designated by a GS in the right column. [See also IPGS]
(Source: David Vincent, Member of SABR)

Date Catcher Tm Lg GSlam
06/29/1876 Pop Snyder LOU NL
07/15/1876 Deacon White CHN NL
07/20/1876 Lew Brown BSN NL
06/14/1877 Pop Snyder LOU NL
07/25/1878 Charlie Bennett MIL NL
07/05/1879 John Clapp BUF NL
09/01/1880 Emil Gross PRO NL
09/15/1880 Jack Rowe BUF NL
10/01/1880 Paul Hines PRO NL
06/18/1881 Charlie Bennett DET NL
06/09/1882 Charlie Bennett DET NL
07/14/1882 Joe Farrell DET NL
05/01/1883 Charlie Bennett DET NL
07/04/1883 Buck Ewing NY NL
05/08/1884 Eddie Fusselback BAL UA
05/08/1884 Bill Schwartz CIN UA
06/28/1884 Fred Carroll COL AA
06/30/1884 Ed Crane BOS UA
07/23/1884 Fred Carroll COL AA
09/13/1884 Charlie Householder BRO AA
09/19/1884 Sam Trott BAL AA
07/05/1885 John Kerins LOU AA
04/21/1886 Doggie Miller PIT AA
05/25/1886 Kid Baldwin CIN AA
06/25/1886 Fred Carroll PIT AA
07/05/1886 Mert Hackett KC NL
07/12/1886 Amos Cross LOU AA
10/04/1886 Kid Baldwin CIN AA
10/11/1886 Mert Hackett KC NL
05/16/1887 Mert Hackett IND NL
06/19/1887 Ed Greer BRO AA
06/21/1887 John Kerins LOU AA
07/31/1887 Pete Sommers NY AA
08/10/1887 Jack Boyle STL AA
08/24/1887 Wilbert Robinson PHI AA
04/26/1888 Buck Ewing NY NL
05/02/1888 King Kelly BSN NL
06/04/1888 John Kerins LOU AA
06/08/1888 Dell Darling CHN NL
06/08/1888 Buck Ewing NY NL
06/16/1888 Law Daniels KC AA
07/02/1888 Buck Ewing NY NL
07/12/1888 Dell Darling CHN NL
07/17/1888 Charlie Bennett DET NL
07/22/1888 Wilbert Robinson PHI AA
08/11/1888 Jim Donahue KC AA
09/14/1888 Buck Ewing NY NL
09/16/1888 Bob Clark BRO AA
10/04/1888 Connie Mack WAS NL
04/25/1889 Joe Visner BRO AA
05/03/1889 Duke Farrell CHN NL
06/26/1889 Duke Farrell CHN NL
07/21/1889 Joe Visner BRO AA
08/03/1889 William Brown NY NL
08/06/1889 Duke Farrell CHN NL
08/12/1889 Charlie Hoover KC AA
08/14/1889 Duke Farrell CHN NL
08/23/1889 Charlie Ganzel BSN NL
09/09/1889 Pop Schriver PHI NL
05/28/1890 Lave Cross PHI PL
06/05/1890 Buck Ewing NY PL
06/19/1890 Fred Carroll PIT PL
06/23/1890 Jack Clements PHI NL
07/30/1890 Buck Ewing NY PL
08/01/1890 Jocko Fields PIT PL
08/05/1890 Duke Farrell CHI PL
08/14/1890 Harry Decker PIT NL
08/15/1890 Chief Zimmer CLE NL
08/20/1890 Sy Sutcliffe CLE PL
08/29/1890 William Brown NY PL GS
09/10/1890 Lou Hardie BSN NL
05/08/1891 Chief Zimmer CLE NL
06/16/1891 Dick Buckley NY NL
07/15/1891 Lave Cross PHI AA
07/16/1891 Jocko Milligan PHI AA
08/21/1891 Sy Sutcliffe WAS AA
09/22/1891 Jim O'Rourke NY NL
04/29/1892 Connie Mack PIT NL
06/03/1892 Jack Clements PHI NL
06/13/1892 Jocko Milligan WAS NL
06/16/1892 Deacon McGuire WAS NL
06/25/1892 Doggie Miller PIT NL
07/06/1892 Lave Cross PHI NL GS
07/07/1892 John Grim LOU NL
09/17/1892 Deacon McGuire WAS NL
05/07/1893 John Grim LOU NL
06/28/1893 Lave Cross PHI NL
07/03/1893 Deacon McGuire WAS NL
07/19/1893 Boileryard Clarke BAL NL
07/19/1893 John Grim LOU NL
08/23/1893 Lave Cross PHI NL
09/05/1893 Parke Wilson NY NL GS
09/16/1893 Jack O'Connor CLE NL
09/19/1893 Billy Earle PIT NL
09/19/1893 Billy Earle PIT NL
05/20/1894 Dick Buckley SLN NL
07/28/1894 Joe Sugden PIT NL
07/31/1894 Joe Sugden PIT NL
08/01/1894 Wilbert Robinson BAL NL
08/14/1894 John Grim LOU NL
09/27/1894 Charlie Ganzel BSN NL
04/20/1895 Deacon McGuire WAS NL
06/07/1895 Heinie Peitz SLN NL
07/19/1895 Jack Clements PHI NL
09/02/1895 Jack Warner LOU NL
09/04/1895 Deacon McGuire WAS NL
09/30/1895 Deacon McGuire WAS NL
04/22/1896 Ed McFarland SLN NL
05/18/1896 Pat McCauley WAS NL
06/06/1896 Farmer Vaughn CIN NL
06/25/1896 Malachi Kittridge CHN NL
07/17/1896 Bill Merritt PIT NL
08/19/1896 Duke Farrell WAS NL
08/04/1897 Bill Wilson LOU NL
09/12/1897 Klondike Douglass SLN NL
04/20/1898 Bill Wilson LOU NL
05/16/1899 Frank Chance CHN NL
06/19/1899 Frank Bowerman PIT NL
08/09/1899 Heinie Peitz CIN NL
08/09/1899 Ossee Schreckengost SLN NL
08/19/1899 Sport McAllister CLE NL
08/23/1899 Chief Zimmer LOU NL
7/11/1900 Heinie Peitz CIN NL
6/3/1901 Bill Bergen CIN NL
6/10/1901 Malachi Kittridge BSN NL
6/20/1901 Billy Sullivan CHA AL
6/20/1901 Ed McFarland PHI NL
7/20/1901 Mike Heydon SLN NL
7/27/1901 Pop Schriver SLN NL
8/7/1901 Billy Sullivan CHA AL
5/14/1902 Heinie Peitz CIN NL
7/22/1902 Fritz Buelow DET AL
8/22/1902 Ossee Schreckengost PHA AL
4/18/1903 Roger Bresnahan NY NL
4/29/1903 Johnny Kling CHN NL
6/2/1903 Lou Criger BOS AL
7/28/1903 Lou Criger BOS AL
9/16/1903 Lou Criger BOS AL
9/21/1903 Fred Carisch PIT NL
9/26/1903 Jake Stahl BOS AL
5/7/1904 Red Dooin PHI NL
5/12/1904 Billy Sullivan CHA AL
5/16/1904 Bob Wood DET AL
7/13/1904 Lou Criger BOS AL
7/16/1904 Lou Criger BOS AL
8/31/1904 Mike Grady SLN NL
9/5/1904 Ossee Schreckengost PHA AL
9/21/1904 Pete Noonan PHA AL
10/1/1904 Red Dooin PHI NL GS
10/3/1904 Tom Needham BSN NL
6/10/1905 Red Kleinow NYA AL
6/12/1905 Mike Grady SLN NL
6/19/1905 Jack Warner SLN NL
7/18/1905 George Gibson PIT NL
8/3/1905 Nig Clarke DET AL
9/5/1905 Admiral Schlei CIN NL
9/18/1905 Mike Heydon WAS AL
9/21/1905 Billy Sullivan CHA AL
9/27/1905 Lou Criger BOS AL
5/4/1906 Johnny Kling CHN NL
5/16/1906 Charlie Graham BOS AL
5/18/1906 Johnny Kling CHN NL
5/22/1906 Admiral Schlei CIN NL
5/28/1906 Mike Grady SLN NL
5/31/1906 Billy Sullivan CHA AL
8/6/1906 Branch Rickey SLA AL
8/16/1906 Billy Sullivan CHA AL
8/27/1906 Pete Noonan SLN NL
8/28/1906 Harry Bemis CLE AL
9/7/1906 Jack Warner WAS AL
9/8/1906 Howard Wakefield WAS AL
10/6/1906 Bob Peterson BOS AL
5/2/1907 George Gibson PIT NL
6/6/1907 George Gibson PIT NL
7/31/1907 Roger Bresnahan NY NL
8/4/1907 Pat Moran CHN NL
4/28/1908 Red Kleinow NYA AL
7/19/1908 Admiral Schlei CIN NL
7/19/1908 Jack Bliss SLN NL
9/4/1908 Pat Donahue BOS AL
10/2/1908 George Gibson PIT NL
5/20/1909 Jim Stephens SLA AL
6/4/1909 Boss Schmidt DET AL
6/16/1909 Red Dooin PHI NL
7/5/1909 Pat Donahue BOS AL
7/9/1909 Larry McLean CIN NL
9/11/1909 Chief Meyers NY NL GS
9/20/1909 Pat Donahue BOS AL
9/25/1909 George Gibson PIT NL
10/1/1909 Jim Stephens SLA AL
4/21/1910 Bill Carrigan BOS AL
4/23/1910 Bill Carrigan BOS AL
5/9/1910 Bill Carrigan BOS AL
7/8/1910 Johnny Kling CHN NL
7/17/1910 Jimmy Archer CHN NL
4/15/1911 Syd Smith CLE AL
5/5/1911 Fred Payne CHA AL
7/13/1911 Chief Meyers NY NL
7/28/1911 Tex Erwin BRO NL GS
8/9/1911 Tex Erwin BRO NL
5/31/1912 Chief Meyers NY NL
6/12/1912 Jimmy Archer CHN NL
8/8/1912 George Gibson PIT NL
6/5/1913 John Henry WAS AL
6/14/1913 Ray Schalk CHA AL
8/8/1913 Ivey Wingo SLN NL
9/25/1913 Eddie Ainsmith WAS AL
9/29/1913 Pinch Thomas BOS AL
5/23/1914 Ivey Wingo SLN NL
6/2/1914 Claude Berry PIT FL
6/16/1914 Tommy Clarke CIN NL
6/20/1914 Tommy Clarke CIN NL
7/11/1914 Tex Erwin CIN NL
7/23/1914 Red Dooin PHI NL
8/28/1914 Wally Schang PHA AL
4/19/1915 Ted Easterly KC FL
4/20/1915 Ted Easterly KC FL
5/14/1915 Hank Gowdy BSN NL
6/12/1915 Frank Snyder SLN NL
9/14/1915 Ivey Wingo CIN NL
5/31/1916 Billy Meyer PHA AL
7/20/1916 Bill Killefer PHI NL
9/9/1916 Ivey Wingo CIN NL
9/21/1916 Bill Rariden NY NL
5/12/1917 Lew McCarty NY NL
5/18/1917 Otto Miller BRO NL
8/21/1917 William Fischer PIT NL
9/23/1917 Ivey Wingo CIN NL
6/4/1918 Mike Gonzalez SLN NL
8/7/1918 Mack Wheat BRO NL
6/23/1919 Patsy Gharrity WAS AL
8/22/1919 Hank Gowdy BSN NL
5/26/1920 Steve O'Neill CLE AL
6/2/1920 Muddy Ruel NYA AL
6/3/1920 Frank Snyder NY NL
6/5/1920 Bob O'Farrell CHN NL
6/10/1920 Wally Schang BOS AL
6/19/1920 Bob O'Farrell CHN NL
8/3/1920 Rowdy Elliott BRO NL
4/13/1921 Mickey O'Neil BSN NL
4/15/1921 Patsy Gharrity WAS AL
4/29/1921 Ivey Wingo CIN NL
5/12/1921 Wally Schang NYA AL
8/5/1921 Wally Schang NYA AL
8/17/1921 Frank Gibson BSN NL
8/18/1921 Mickey O'Neil BSN NL
4/27/1922 Ivey Wingo CIN NL
7/26/1922 Patsy Gharrity WAS AL
8/22/1922 Patsy Gharrity WAS AL
8/31/1922 Ray Schalk CHA AL
6/28/1923 Frank Bruggy PHA AL
7/20/1923 Johnny Gooch PIT NL
9/11/1923 Val Picinich BOS AL
5/28/1924 Jimmie Wilson PHI NL
7/14/1924 Frank Snyder NY NL
7/22/1924 Val Picinich BOS AL
9/12/1924 Earl Smith PIT NL
4/18/1925 Buck Crouse CHA AL
4/25/1925 Mickey O'Neil BSN NL
5/22/1925 Oscar Siemer BSN NL
7/29/1925 Gabby Hartnett CHN NL
8/28/1925 Mike Gonzalez CHN NL
5/19/1926 Val Picinich CIN NL
5/26/1926 Paul Florence NY NL
5/28/1926 Mickey Cochrane PHA AL
6/5/1926 Muddy Ruel WAS AL
6/6/1926 Gabby Hartnett CHN NL
6/6/1926 Frank Snyder NY NL
6/11/1926 Charlie Hargreaves BRO NL
4/14/1927 Zack Taylor BSN NL
6/18/1927 Mickey Cochrane PHA AL
8/16/1927 Mickey Cochrane PHA AL
5/30/1928 Luke Sewell CLE AL
7/3/1928 Val Picinich CIN NL
6/4/1929 Earl Grace CHN NL
7/24/1929 Bill Dickey NYA AL
9/4/1929 Val Picinich BRO NL
4/21/1930 Bob O'Farrell NY NL
9/3/1930 Bill Dickey NYA AL
7/14/1931 Spud Davis PHI NL
9/12/1931 Frank Grube CHA AL
5/30/1932 Luke Sewell CLE AL
8/17/1933 Rollie Hemsley SLA AL
8/26/1933 Chink Outen BRO NL
6/20/1934 Al Todd PHI NL
9/7/1935 Earl Grace PIT NL
5/4/1936 Billy Sullivan CLE AL
5/31/1936 Joe Glenn NYA AL
6/4/1936 Mickey Cochrane DET AL GS
8/18/1936 Rick Ferrell BOS AL
8/1/1937 Al Todd PIT NL
8/5/1937 Frankie Pytlak CLE AL
4/26/1938 Gene Desautels BOS AL
6/12/1938 Rick Ferrell WAS AL
8/26/1938 Frankie Pytlak CLE AL
6/15/1940 Harry Danning NY NL
9/7/1941 Ray Berres BSN NL
8/23/1944 Walker Cooper SLN NL
4/25/1946 Phil Masi BSN NL
7/7/1946 Hal Wagner BOS AL
5/10/1947 Andy Seminick PHI NL
5/29/1947 Yogi Berra NYA AL
8/31/1948 Al Evans WAS AL
6/25/1950 Johnny Pramesa CIN NL
8/2/1950 Wes Westrum NY NL GS
8/17/1950 Sam Calderone NY NL
9/1/1950 Andy Seminick PHI NL
9/23/1951 Del Wilber PHI NL
5/25/1955 Ed Fitz Gerald WAS AL
7/29/1957 Joe Lonnett PHI NL
8/31/1957 Gus Triandos BAL AL
8/19/1958 Dick Brown CLE AL
6/17/1959 Cal Neeman CHN NL
6/9/1960 Danny Kravitz KC AL
5/5/1962 Doug Camilli LAN NL
6/9/1963 Tim McCarver SLN NL GS
6/13/1963 Gene Oliver SLN NL
8/26/1963 John Bateman HOU NL
5/4/1964 Tim McCarver SLN NL
9/7/1964 Buck Rodgers LAA AL
9/6/1965 Andy Etchebarren BAL AL
9/22/1965 Gene Oliver MIL NL
5/17/1969 John Ellis NYA AL
5/8/1970 Dave Duncan OAK AL
9/27/1970 Gene Tenace OAK AL
5/30/1972 Johnny Bench CIN NL
5/3/1973 Milt May PIT NL
5/27/1973 Dave Rader SFN NL
7/29/1973 Fran Healy KCA AL
8/5/1973 Paul Casanova ATL NL
6/10/1976 Barry Foote MON NL
7/10/1976 Bob Boone PHI NL
4/12/1978 Darrell Porter KCA AL
4/29/1979 Gary Carter MON NL
6/10/1979 Jim Essian OAK AL GS
5/4/1980 Rick Cerone NYA AL
5/31/1980 Gary Carter MON NL
8/30/1983 Carlton Fisk CHA AL
9/23/1983 John Wathan KCA AL
8/29/1984 Bob Brenly SFN NL
9/1/1984 Tom Nieto SLN NL
4/15/1985 Mike Heath OAK AL
8/5/1986 Mickey Tettleton OAK AL
9/10/1986 Mike Heath DET AL
9/4/1988 Jim Sundberg TEX AL
8/30/1990 Ron Karkovice CHA AL GS
8/22/1991 Brent Mayne KCA AL
9/27/1991 Brent Mayne KCA AL
5/27/1993 Tom Prince PIT NL
8/19/1995 Angelo Encarnacion PIT NL
9/26/1996 Terry Steinbach OAK AL
9/10/1997 Dan Wilson SEA AL
5/3/1998 Dan Wilson SEA AL GS
7/29/2000 Chad Moeller MIN AL
8/12/2001 Mike Redmond FLO NL
7/17/2002 Ken Huckaby TOR AL
8/18/2002 Damian Miller ARI NL