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The Streets

walking in the street

On the Champs-elysee , on a spring afternoon, coming from the crossing street, a  beautiful pair of legs show up to me raised on handsome beige chanel pumps and a folded white  skirt edged with some blue pipings. The court shoes with a blue navy nib didn't have very high hells , a little more than 3", but the feet was well arched . The steps made swirled the airy skirt, the legs was dressed up with ultra sheer full fashion stocking , so fine that the freckles along the calf was visible. It was seamed stockings and according the little stitchings on  each side of the seam, on the calf, it was "Cappuccino Carnation from Gerbe" stockings, the standing was at its top. The nylon glistened on the sunshine, my look sauntered along the brown seam stopping long on the ankles, I admired the delightful ripples caused by the feet motion around the reinforced heel dark triangle. The seams  perfectly upright on the very well tight stockings hypnotized my look, follow these seams from heel to thighs was an enjoyment. The stockings finesse and their dusky brown tint played with the sun letting appear the skin and the pretty freckles on the calf. The skirt wasn't very short but made with a fabric so light that it planed on the step rhythm revealing thin and elongated thighs. In spite of the sun this  spring afternoon was a little windy and the wind became my friend this days. The wind intensified. The skirt flitted on the wind blows and the wind began to play with the lightness of the folded skirt, raising it from time to time and revealing the thigh almost entirely. The top of the thighs sheathed in the moiré nylon of the top-stocking edge was now visible, the sunlight glittered the brown nylon warping the upper thighs. the view from top to bottom was gorgeous. I walked a long time clambering sluggishly the brown seams and diving under the skirt ...


I promenaded in the boulevards when I distinguished far away a slender silhouette, I ran to be closer and discovered the longest legs I never saw. Claded in fine black nylon stocking tilted in very high heels pumps , at least 5" high pencil heels so thin so elongated they gave me vertigo, these endless legs attracted all the looks. Above a black soft leather skirt , so short it covered barely the thighs the hem of the skirt finished when starts the black border of the stocking (if you saw Meg Ryan in "innerspace" you get approximately the picture except for the legs length and the seamed stockings finesse ) molded the shape of the hips. The black leather of the shoes sparkled in the evening light and the heels slammed on the ground, I started an enchantingly bottom up examination. The thin pyramid-shaped of the reinforced heel, at the outing of the pump, flapped on the step beat and the nylon softly wrinkled around the ankles mirroring the street light, the look climbed the calf curve along the seam, the stocking black nylon was enough fine to descry the tanned skin of the legs. Above the knee, whenever the leg extended, the stocking , pulled up by the suspenders ( black I guess according the upper part of the basque discernible by transparency under the white blouse) slid up along the thigh fading away the small ripples which was constituted around the knees, I almost heard the rustling of the nylon stocking. The skirt very tight outlined the hips curvature, it seems sewed on the skin. Rock to the step rhythm the skirt was near to blow up,  pulling up the hem unveiled from time to time the stockings top, I dived in the ajar slit and exulted in the satin black nylon view on the upper thigh glittering under the skirt.

What's crowd!
What's crowd !

Sorry, but I don't have so many "In the Street" pictures. If you have some to illustrate my stories, please e-mail me.

Cappuccino Carnation from Gerbe
Climb !


Seamed Stockings High Heels