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Numbers & Symbols
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Not only does one need to be able to type letters, but also numbers and special characters or symbols.  You may need to type numbers within a paper for such things as a home address (123 Caldwell Street).  You can type numbers on the top row of the keyboard with the home-row fingers you have already learned. 

When typing numbers and symbols, please remember the following:
** All number reaches are slightly upward and to the left from the home-row keys
** The symbols are located on top of the numbers.
** Symbols are typed by depressing the “Shift” key, then depressing the corresponding number key.

 Review the table below to understand which home-row key types the correct numbers and symbols. 




A finger

Types number “1”

Types “!” (exclamation point)

S finger

Types number 2

Types “@” (at sign)

D finger

Types number 3

Types “#” (number sign)

F finger

Types number 4

Types “$” (dollar sign)

F finger

Types number 5

Types “%” (percent sign)

J finger

Types number 6

Types “^” (caret)

J finger

Types number 7

Types “&” (ampersand)

K finger

Types number 8

Types “*” (asterick)

L finger

Types number 9

Types “(“ (left parenthesis)

; finger

Types number 0

Types “)” (right parenthesis)

; finger


Types “-“ (hyphen)

; finger


Types “_” (underline)

; finger


Types = (equal sign)

; finger


Types “[“ (left bracket)

; finger


Types “]” (right bracket)

; finger


Types “{“ (left brace)

; finger


Types “}” (right brace)