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Volume 1, Issue 8 - April 23, 1999

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Beanie Rave
This Issue's Beanie Debate
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Administrator's Note
Maggie []

Anyone out there? there wasn't any replies for the Beanie Debate, or anyone
submitting a subscriber spotlight again. I thought after last issue's dry
spell there would be some replies.

I wanted to welcome the newest members we have on the list. Maybe with new
people, it'll bring the already list members into chatting.

I also wanted to say on this issue aswell that I have allowed crossposting to
continue, it's not a pretty sight in the email, but I guess it makes it easier
to some of you on the list.

Well, that's all I have to say, so enjoy this newsletter. Let's get to talking out
there and I'll see you on the list!!
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included in a future "Subscriber Spotlight," feel free to send
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Beanie Rave
I want to talk about the Country exclusive beanies this issue. I'll keep this
short. There seems to be several countries that have been having exclusive
beanies in particular countries as of late. Ty started this trend with maple.
They are nice for the chase of the hunt, but also risky to cause people to
grow tired of a collectable when the item is hard or impossible to get.

When you finally get the exclusive and very elusive beanie to add to your collection
however, it is a great feeling to have.
This Issue's Beanie Debate
Here's Last Issue's Beanie Debate:

"Do you feel the beanie craze is coming to an end?"

I received no replies on this.

Here's This Issue's Beanie Debate (kept the same as last issue):

"Do you feel the beanie craze is coming to an end?"

Answers for this "This Issue's Beanie Debate" are due by Wednesday, May 5, 1999 -
the answers for This Issue's Beanie Debate will be published when the new issue of
the BeanieCollector newsletter comes out. The new issue is due May 7, 1999. And
don't forget, you can also submit ideas for a future "Beanie Debate"!
April 23, 1999

Princess Buddy, ... Finally

The long anticipated Princess Beanie Buddy was released today! As you know
from previous news posts, it was spotted that there was a link princess.html
that did show up, but soon after later in the day was removed. It was almost
a given that they would release the buddy. Also after collectors saw the image
in a magazine of the buddy, it made everyone drool!

See Princess Buddy here:

Limited Treasures Tie-Dyed

Limited Treasures has released a Broncos Tie-Dyed series of bears to celebrate
the victory of their win at the Super Bowl! This series looks very nicely done!
The set consists of John Elway, Rerrell Davis, Ed McCaffrey, Shannon Sharpe,
and Bill Romanowski. There is also an all white John Elway MVP bear included
in the set! The Beanie Shop might carry these and sell them at only $32.50 a set!

Click Here For Detail:

Other Limited Treasure news is that all 50 of the Pro Bear Series will retire
on April 30, 1999! If you do not have yours, get them today. The Beanie Shop
still has a small quantity in stock! See
place an order today!


Well all, this looks like another "Merry" to us. It does look like a high quality
job on the computer, but the tag makes us feel there's something up. We placed
this on with the news because we felt you really should see this. BeanieMom has
the pictures and we really have no idea what her stand is on "Spangle". If this
is truely a new release, we will update you. Otherwise "Spangle" will move to the
counterfeit page.

A large part that looks wrong is the full body picture on the left. One thing, the
sunflare looks like the one used on Adobe Photoshop. Another thing, the right ear
has a section that does not appear to have the star pattern, thus giving the impression
that it was digitally done and a part was forgotten. Also that same ear is too
lightly colored.

See BeanieMom Here.

April 22, 1999 Adds Four New Releases!

Catrina - Attic Treasures

Salty - Attic Treasures

Rosalie - Attic Treasures

Wiser the owl (Class of '99) - Beanie Babies

UK Teenie Beanie Babies News

Wednesday marked the official launch date of the Teenie Beanie promotion
at McDonald's restaurants throughout the UK. Although the styles of Teenie
Beanie babies distributed are identical to those seen during the 1998 U.S.
frenzy, there are some interesting differences to note in the packaging.

Click here for pictures

Joe Montana "Signature Series"

Linda Braun of Classic Collecticritters, Inc.
and Mary Beth join legendary quarterback
Joe Montana as he individually signs 1000 special foiled tags for the
brand new line of "Signature Series" bears. Look for an exclusive five
bear set featuring bears in real cloth jersies representing Joe's days as
the "Comeback Kid" at the University of Notre Dame, the Golden Boy as a
SanFransisco 49er and his final football days in Kansas City. Look for
Mary Beth's exclusive interview with Joe in the July issue of Beanie

Click here for picture

Beanie Babies Stolen by Armed Burglar

Libertyville, IL police are looking for an armed burglar who broke into a
house while a family was home and stole more than $8,000 worth of Beanie
Babies, including Steg the Dinosaur. After cutting the phone lines at
around 9:00 p.m., a man entered the home wearing dark clothing and a ski
mask. He warned a woman in the house not to "do anything stupid".

Click here for more details from The Chicago Tribune,1575,SAV-9904210209,00.html

Beanie Babies spark riot

More than 60 people were pushing and shoving each other before a Hallmark
store in Ogden, UT opened with a new shipment of Beanie Babies. The
trouble started after someone cut in line, someone had a list for selling at
secondary prices, and someone got upset. There was no damage, no one was
arrested, and the riot ended peacefully. A Ogden police officer humored the
situation by writing up a fictious police report that included that carnage
that happened to the toys.

Click here for full story from The Desert News,1249,80000188,00.html?

April 21, 1999

Ty Announces Three More New Releases

Breezy - Attic Treasures

Fairbanks - Attic Treasures

Silver the Grey Tabby - Beanie Babies

Getzky Bammers

If past history is any indication, Wayne Gretzky's just-announced
retirement should send Gretzky collectors scurrying to gather in
whatever collectibles of The Great One they can find. There are seven
different Gretzky Bammers from Salvino's including a Canadian exclusive
Team Canada Bammer, a Baby Bammer made exclusively for dealers, a
blue-and-gold promotional bear, and several others.

Click here for full details.

Official Word from McDonald's on TBB Promotion

McDonald's releases some details on the upcoming teenie Beanie Babies
promotion on their Web site. The promotion will start on May 21, 1999
with 12 teenie Beanie Babies and for the first time a special collector's
edition of four Ty teenie Beanie Babies International Bears will be offered
starting June 4 (following the Happy Meal program) at a suggested price
of $2.49 each. The first 12 teenie Beanie Babies will be released in sets
of 4 on May 21, May 24, and May 28, to be included free with a Happy Meal or
$1.69-$1.99 with any other menu item. Prices and rules may vary based on
independent owner operator decisions. Watch for a sneak preview of the toys
on May 12!

Click here for link to

Platinum Club Kit Details

Beanie Babies Collector's Cards Unofficial Club reports on the details
of the new Platinum Membership Kit which includes a light purple Clubby
(same as Kicks) with a swing tag that says "Clubby II", a tush tag that
says "Clubby", a package of 3 Platinum Membership Collector's Cards (a
total of 15 different cards), one collector coin (one of nine original
Beanies), a checklist, a newsletter, and a Platinum Edition Membership
Card all in a soft silver plastic case with the Ty logo. The poem for
Clubby II is as follows:

Birthdate: 3/9/99

A proud club member named Clubby II
My color is special, a purplish hue
Take me along to your favorite place
Carry me in my Platinum case.

The Beanie Collector's Cards Unofficial Club has some wonderful pictures of
the new Platinum Membership Kit. These include pictures of the outside of
the kit, hang and tush tags of Clubby II, Collector's Coins, as well as the
Platinum Edition Collector's Cards.

If you would like to see the pictures, please see:

April 20, 1999

Ty Announces Five Additional New Releases

More new releases announced from TY!

Malcom - Attic Treasures

Brisbane - Attic Treasures

Lawrence - Attic Treasures

Azure - Attic Treasures

Amber the gold tabby - Beanie Babies

Selling Like Hot Dogs

The hottest collectible at the stadium have been a set of racing
sausage stuffed toys selling for $6 each. The Milwaukee Brewers hold
a race around the warning track just before the 7th inning between
the racing sausages including a Bratwurst, Polish, Italian, and Hot
Dog. The first series is out now, however the second larger series
will be out at midseason. Some call them "Beanie Weanies".

News Source:
Beanie World News

More on Milwaukee Brewers

HolyBears, Inc. Announces Allegiance (The God Bless America Bear)

Announced on April 15, 1999

HolyBears, Inc. today announced the introduction of Allegiance (The
God Bless America Bear ), the first release of their new Tribute
Series. Commenting on this new release, HolyBears founder Rob LeClair
said "we wanted to produce a bear that paid tribute to America as
"One Nation, Under God". The design of Allegiance (The God Bless
America Bear ) will symbolize loyalty to God and to our country.
The hangtag will carry an appropriate Bible passage and an excerpt
from the Pledge of Allegiance."

The new HolyBear should be in stores around the Fourth of July.

For more:


Warner Bros. introduces the new Itsy Bitsy Warner Bros. Bean Bag
collection. Much smaller versions of the beanies!

There are 12 of them and they are available now on QVC!

New Warner Beanies Announced

Graduation Scooby
Graduation Tweety
Fred Flintstone
Wilma Flintstone
Barney Rubble
Betty Rubble
Bamm-Bamm Rubble
The Joker
The Riddler
Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn

Speculated that Pebbles, Freddie, Shaggy, a Mystery Machine and Scooby
Dum are most likely too.

It's being said that if you order from the catalog the whole set of Flintstones,
you get the Flintmobile (the family car, done up kind of like Speed Buggy)

April 19, 1999

Two new releases

Almond the Beige Bear:
This solves the problem when Pecan was released. Now we know there was
2 bears!

Hope the Praying Bear:
Now there is 3 versions of Hope; Plush, Beanie Baby, and now Beanie

April 17, 1999

Ty Announces Two New Beanies and One New Attic

More releases. See below for the listing:

Attic Treasure Susannah
Beanie Baby Baboon named Cheeks
Beanie Baby Mexican Bear named Osito

The Mexican Bear seems to yell out Mexico Exclusive. Yet one more Beanie that
the true collectors will have difficulty getting unless they spend a small

Drop us a line and let us know what you feel about the newest beanies. It's
heard that the new ones aren't going over well among the newer collectors.
We feel they are better than older releases, but the word is out that people
feel they are not "original" enough. We don't know what they mean, but tell
us what you think.

April 16, 1999

More From TY

Today TY made 2 more releases. They are: Tiptoe the Mouse (Beanie Baby) -

Jabber the Parrot (Beanie Buddy) -

April 15, 1999

TBB News

The McDonald's / TY 1999 Teenie Beanies

There have been lists going around the net stating the official release
of this year's TBB. Of the lists around, this is the most reliable


The McDonald's / TY Bears

A McDonald's Canada employee reports that the four larger Beanie Bears
that will be for sale after the Teenie Beanies this May will be Glory,
Erin, Maple, and Brittania. Although smaller than the regular TY Beanie
Bears they are bigger than the Teenie Beanie Babies. The McDonald's set
will be in special McDonald's packaging. They will sell for $2.99
CANADIAN plus tax.

The Bears will be available in Canada and the USA.

More Millennium Mayhem

Beaniemom is showing an image that she received of Millenium Bear.
It shows the Hang tag now has been corrected. We still don't know
about this. The image is fuzzy and just doesn't look right. The best
way to handle this who "correct tag" situation is to wait til you see
one in person. Deffinately do not pay way over price either.

April 14,1999

Ty Adds Three New Releases adds the following new releases:

Knuckles the pig - Beanie Baby

Swirly the snail - Beanie Baby

Allura - Attic Treasure

Click here for updated list:

Oakland A's Peace Beanie Baby Promotion

In a promotional "tie-in" to a 1970's music night, the Oakland A's will
give away Peace to the first 10,000 kids. The Saturday, May 1, game will
be played against the Boston Red Sox.

Click here for full article in San Francisco Chronicle

April 13, 1999

Ty Announces Retirement of Princess

Ty has made the long awaited retirement announcement of Princess today

April 12, 1999

2 more

Today brought us the return of Paul the Walrus and introduces an
Attic Treasure - Prince William. This tends to make you think that
Paul actually was released too early. There still are no signs of
Princess Buddy. Nobody saw a link today.

Pecan Picture Changed

Have you noticed the pic of pecan has changed? I printed a pic for my self
and saved the pic the day it was announced. Then Saturday I went to print
the pic from the Net again for a friend. He noticed the page a printed for
him was much darker. I told him it was probably just the printer but he
wouldn't leave me alone until I checked the web page again. So I brought
up the pic the I saved from day 1 and the pic of Pecan from the net. Sure
enough they are a different color.

News Source:
Beanie World News List -

See following link for comparison:


UK Exclusive Beefeater Mickey will be coming out soon. For those
of you that don't know what that is, a Beefeater is found inside
the Tower of London guarding the Crown Jewels and wears an entirely
different costume than a Palace Gaurd costume.

Word is that the Beefeater Mickey may come after another UK exclusive
Policeman Mickey, which is due out April 30th.


There are Ireland Bugs, Scotland Tweety, Wales Sylvester and English
Daffy being released in UK Warner stores. Each beanie is wearing a
different colored T-shirt with the Country on the shirt. It's called
LOONEY TUNES NATIONS and the price is around 70.00 US. Each set is
individually numbers. The stores don't have them yet, but they will
take orders. There was also a magazine, called Collectibles, that you
could order the set out of! So if you're interested in these Special
Warner Bros. Store UK beanies, better start checking the Classifieds
and Ebay and see if you can find a UK friend!

News Source: The Disney Beanie Report

Club Disney

This was found on a Disney news site (see link below) that stated that the
following article was in a Club Disney Newsletter:

Get ready for an exciting new way to add to your mini bean bag
collection. Purchase a mini bean bag and get your official Disney Dozen
collectors card. That's it. You're an official member of the Disney
Dozen! What happens once you you've bought twelve? You'll receive a
special thirteenth bean bag character wearing an Exclusive Limited
Edition Disney Pin - FREE! These are not available for sale or to the
general public. Stop by the Clubhouse Shop today.

News Source: The Disney Beanie Report

April 11, 1999

Announcement Update

We said we'd update if any changes happened. Now Ty's site has changed
the crystal ball page. Earlier today we told you how they have a link
to a princess.html, well now that is gone and there are 3 links to sweatheart
instead. It's 4:00pm central now, we'll keep you informed!

Announcement #3

Another announcement today gives us Schweetheart the Orangutan. There
may be something to keep in mind. The link is sweatheart.html, and
that may lead to either rumors of, or actually seeing incorrect tags.

Something else that we noticed. If you do a view source on your web
browser, there is a princess.html listed. As of 12:00pm central time,
they haven't had anything to show it, so later in the day there may
be. We'll post here if there is any further developments.

Another thing to note. Paul isn't in the final list, and also the link
doesn't work. It was not easy to get to yesterday by most. The link was:

April 9, 1999

More Announcements

Ty announces more today. This time they bring us one Attic Treasure -
Rafaella, a Beanie baby - Paul the Walrus, and a new Beanie Buddy -
Millennium. There is also a link on the page that shows yesterday's

Something else to note. There has been talk and sightings of the
Millenium Bear Beanie having the correct spelling on the tush tag.
The Buddy released has the correct spelling on the website shown to
be correct, but the link is still spelled Millenium. You've seen what
we have said before about why we feel it was purposely mis-spelled.
We still stick by that. There is no way TY can trademark the word/name

See TY's website for more info:
Member Ads
This section is for sales of beanie related items, BUT NOT BEANIES. If you have
something in the idea of say shirts, tag protectors, art, woodworking, beanie
clothes/jewelry, etc. you can send it directly to me,, not
the list, and I'll include it in upcoming issues. I'm considering only up to 4
ads per issue.

I hope you liked this issue of BeanieCollector newsletter...