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Original One-Of-A-Kind Sculptures                   By Darla Hilton


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Welcome to Believe in Fairy Tales. Home of Magical Creatures of myth that come to life…...I hope you'll stay awhile and enjoy looking at my One-Of-A-Kind creations. Each sculpture is stimulated by my imagination within my own fantasy world, molded by hand with patience and dedication until a little soul is formed.
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In this world of make believe you will find mermaids, fairies, precious babies, Angels and also other creatures such as Ogres, Sylph fairy, Beautiful nymphs, Centaurs, Satyrs, Dryads, HobGoblins, Harpies, Pixies,  Gargoyles, Elves and even Gnomes and an occasional Troll.
Also, I have added a new doll category; Primitive Homespun Dolls

Each Believe in Fairy Tales creation is beautifully sculpted, with delicate detail that make each piece come to life.
So come on in......
All it takes is a little imagination and the desire to Believe in Fairy Tales

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