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These are stories, jokes and other things that I found on the net somewhere. But please note, they do deal with adult subject matter to a point and I suggest you use your own judgement as to wether or not you should read it. But if you do, enjoy...

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A story written by a fan that was inspired by me!:
I walked into the living room and there was Allison. She was sitting on one end of the couch reading a magazine. As I came closer, she looked up at me, put aside her magazine and smiled. I returned the friendly greeting. She was so pretty, wearing a short sleeved light blue sweater, and jeans. I sat down beside her and said, "Wow, you look terrific!" "Thanks!" she said sweetly. I moved my gaze down from her face down to her middle. Although I was nervous, I asked her, "Allison, I know this is a strange request but, can I see your bellybutton?" She thought about it for a second and then said, "I guess so." With that, she moved her right hand down and lifted up her sweater to reveal her silky smooth tummy with her adorable innie navel in the middle. She looked at her bellybutton for a few seconds, then looked back at me and smiled at me. That gave me the
courage to say the next part. "Allison, I've read that with some people, you can find out some of their thoughts and feelings by poking in their bellybuttons. Can I try that with you?" She giggled some, and again paused for a second to think about it. "Well," she started, "the bellybutton is considered to be a portal to the soul, so...sure!Try me!" she exclaimed happily. I didn't need to be told twice. I immediately placed my right index finger into her soft bellybutton. At first, I gently circled my finger in her delicate waist dimple. Oh, it felt so wonderful. Then I pressed my finger deep into her umbilicus "So, what are you finding out about me?" she asked curiously. I snapped to. "Huh? Oh! Right!" I was so enthralled with fingering her navel that I'd almost forgotten my original intention. So I pressed in hard again, waited a few seconds and said, "Hmm. You're a very sweet person with some concerns about what you're going to be doing in the future..." It seemed to impress her since she replied, "That's pretty close to the truth. Anything else?" My finger jammed into her bellybutton again as I concentrated deeply on it. This time she groaned a little as her navel was pressed in.
"Also" I continued, "you're very sensitive!" She looked straight at me and stated, "I think you were just looking for an excuse to stroke and prod my bellybutton!" Nuts, I thought, she found out. But as i took my finger out of her birth hole, she looked disappointed. "Don't stop!" she said urgently. "I'm just joking. I haven't felt such a nice tingling sensation in my bellybutton like that in ages!" I instantly changed from glum to charged again. I beamed at her and placed my finger back in her tummybutton. As I continued my stroking, our eyes locked. We felt the same way. and we moved our faces towards each other and we kissed passionately, with my finger still in her bellybutton. It was a terrific afternoon!

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It was New Year's Eve, 1985, and my wife (now ex), her mother, sister and her husband went to a small club for New Year's Eve to have a few drinks and welcome in 1986. They were supposed to have entertainment, which we thought was a band for dancing, which they did have, but they had something else...a bellydancer!
Now my wife knew all about my fetish for the female belly, and she wasn't too fond of it, so we'd never have gone there if she knew what was in store. We went in and got a table near the dance floor, ordered drink from the cocktail waitress and settled in. We were talking when the lights went down and a blue light covered the stage area. An announcer introduced her and out she came onto the stage. She was beautiful! She was blonde, about 5'5" I'd guess 130 lbs. She had a fantastic body (especially her belly) and was in a traditional harem outfit that showed every inch of her supple abdomen.
The music started and she began to sway around the stage. She went into her dance, belly undulating like a snake, then fluttering, shimmying and thrusting her hips! As she danced I couldn't help but stare at her, it was like I was hypnotized! She danced for what seemed like an hour, but was actually more like 30 minutes. Soon the music stopped and I thought she was finished, but she was just starting, and so were my problems!
I don't know if it was because she could see how hard I was staring at her or not, but the music started up again and she danced from the stage directly to me. She stopped about 12" from my face, her abdomen right in front of it, and she began a series of belly undulations and flutters like I've never seen. She stayed in front of me for several minutes and I began to get embarrassed and then noticed the look on my wife's face! I forced my eyes away from her belly, smiled at her and said, "Maybe you'd better dance somewhere else." She smiled and swirled away toward another table. As I watched her I saw a man at the table but a dollar bill into her bra! Then it dawned on me, she was waiting for me to give her money! I'd never seen a bellydancer in person before and didn't know the procedure, I was embarrassed.
I watched as she continued to dance from table to table, all the men (and some women) putting money all over her costume. Well, now I really felt foolish! I was debating what to do. Do I make up for my error by getting her attention and giving her a tip, but then I knew my wife would have a fit. I was in a quandary because I felt I owed her a tip since she danced longer for me than anyone and I didn't even give her a dollar!
As she danced back to the stage I realized she was almost finished and had to make a quick decision and act fast if I was going to do it. When she faced me I held up a $10.00 bill and motioned toward her. She came directly over to me and stood even closer than before, my nose almost in her bellybutton. She began by fluttering her belly right in my face so I reached up, pulled the waistband of her costume pit and slipped the $10.00 bill inside, directly below her bellybutton.
That was bad enough, but as I removed my hand she reached out and grasped it in hers. She placed my hand directly on her belly, just below her navel, and pressed it hard into her belly. I gasped and took a deep breath, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! She then began a series of belly undulations, holding my hand tightly against her stomach, and I could feel the rippling of her belly muscles so vividly! I couldn't believe it!
She finally let go of my hand and I patted her supple belly several times and she gave me a great big smile and danced away back to the stage, everyone (except my wife that is) was clapping for her little stunt with me, and finished her performance. She winked and waved at me as she swirled around and exited the stage.
I guess I don't have to tell you what happened next! My wife was livid, jumped up and told everybody we were leaving. Her sister and mother tried to calm her down, but was having none of it, we finally left, the celebration over. At least I got the bed (obviously nothing else, LOL) that night, her relatives were staying over so she had to take the couch. No one could understand why she was so mad at me and I just left well enough alone. She was mad for about a week, but for the experience I had that night, it was well worth it!

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In October we spent some time in Florida visiting the Disney area and then to Daytona then down to Miami beach. One of the days we spent at the beach my wife stepped out of character and wore a cute two piece bathing suit I helped her pick out. The bottom piece was about 3 inches below her sexy, deep, innie navel. She seemed quite comfortable wearing the bikini at the beach. I can only tell you how pleased it made me feel whenever I'd see someone looking at her belly. Along the boardwalk there was a tattoo and body piercing studio. We just walked near it, I knew she'd have nothing to do with anything there, but we went in and just looked around. I found the nerve to ask the fellow to explain the procedure for having a navel pierced to my wife who was totally shocked and annoyed at me. She, however listened politely. During his explanation, he touched my wifes navel and showed her where he'd put the piercing and how it would appear. I was so aroused that such attention was being paid to her navel. Although annoyed at me, nothing was said afterwards. The following evening, to make up to my wife for embarrassing her I made reservations to take her to a show and to dinner. My wife shocked me when she dressed in a pair of low waist pants with a blouse that was slightly open on the bottom which revealed a small part of her belly, including her bellybutton. To my total shock, there was a shiny glimmer of reflected light from her bellybutton. My wife was showing her bellybutton and it had a ring in it!! It was a fantasy come true for me. Even though it turned out to be a "clip on" rather than a real piercing, it was an exciting evening out with my wife. Unfortunately, upon returning home from vacation, the bikini, the blouse and the clip on have been put away deep in her closet. Hopefully awaiting the next time...

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I saw an episode of "Dharma and Greg" and this is what happened! I can't believe it! (this is as word-for-word as i could get it...they talked really fast, but i think its accurate)
Dharma comes out of the bedroom in a long hippie skirt and a short spaghetti strap tanktop...

Greg: "you're going to dinner like that? i can see your belly button!...what will they think of that??"

Dharma: "ummm...that i was fed through an ambilical cord for 9 months of my life and now i see it as a portal to my soul???"

Greg: "its just that you flash it around so much...and it just may not be appropriate for a 4 star restaurant..."

Dharma: "belly buttons are always appropriate! whats your problem?!"

Greg: "its just that...well...i love it and want to keep it just for me..."

Dharma: "oh Greg!!!" (ends in a huge kiss...)

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I bet you all didn't know all this technical stuff:
From what I have seen on the internet, many people can do this, pull their bellybutton into an "outie" temporarily. This happens naturally to many pregnant women when their bellybuttons pop out. Speaking of which, according to my research into umbilical anatomy, the remnants of the umbilical cord exist in adults as fibrous cords.
The "median umbilical ligament" connects your bellybutton to the urinary bladder. The "lateral umbilical ligament" (former umbilical artery) connects the belly button to the internal iliac arteries. The "round ligament of the liver" (former umbilical vein) connects your navel-button to the liver. When I pop my belly button cord out, I can feel
these ligaments as a firm lump when I squeeze the base of my umbilical cord stub. I like to think of the belly button as a disconnected vessel, a sealed-up hollow stem with its "plumbing" still attached inside and no longer used, but still prominent and "alive" and sensitive. Certainly the navel is stuffed full of nerves and responds to stimulation. Belly buttons are beautiful works of natural art and I so much enjoy examining close-up navel photos. The thought of someone seeing my belly button close-up, with its puffy round shape and creased interior exposed to them is exciting to me.

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i got a button and its not from a shirt
no no no no
i got a button and its not from a skirt
no no no no
i got a button and it's a part of me
A button in the middle of my tummy

cause it's my belly button (belly button)
and it's right under my sweater
it's my belly button (belly button)
and it's holding me together

one two
well do you
know that a zipper will not do?
neither a snap nor a safety pin
lets sing the belly button song again!


I got most of this material off the internet, and if by some chance, it belongs to you and you want it removed, please use the contact page to do so and I will remove it immediately.