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Belmont's Senior Fourth Quarter American Goverment Project
News Article Reaction Paper


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This is your News Article Reaction paper. You know that paper we have to do after we read Newspaper articles?

News Article Reaction Paper
Local or National Newspaper
Weekly News Magazine
Internet News Service
Your article must be five or more paragraphs in length. Your article should be about an event or issue that deals with the assigned topic. The article should have occurred in the past six months. The article may deal with local, state, national, or world news. Your Reaction Paper should consist of the following three parts:
Part 1: Summary
Write a short summary about the article. Your summary should include:
What happened?
To whom did it happen?
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?
If your article is an editorial, what are the views of the writer?

Part 2:Reaction
In essay form react to your article by answering the following questions. Give examples and explain how your article applies to the basic concepts of government that we have examined this year.
How does your article apply to government?
Who has power?
How did they get this power?
How do they use their power?
What is your reaction/opinion about this article?
What do you think should happen to the people in your article?

Part 3: Sources
Please include a copy of the article. List your source by using one of the following:
Newspaper: "title" of the article, Newspaper, Date published. ex:"Gideon Goes to Court," Dayton Daily News, Sept. 21, 2001
News Magazine: "title" of the article, Name of the Magazine, Volume and Issue No.#, Date published. ex: "Privacy or Piracy," News Weekly, Vol.9 #5, Sept. 9, 2001
Internet: Name of sponsoring organization, Date material posted of read, URL/web address ex: National Issues form, January 2001,

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