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Mrs. Rihner's Sub Page

4th Grade Survival Kit

Weekly Writing Rubric
Weekly Journal Rubric
Homework Hotline






Mrs. Rihner



Dear Parents,


          Welcome to Fourth Grade!  I’ve put together a packet that I hope will answer many of your questions about our classroom operating procedure.  I’ve tried not to overwhelm you with too much information as I know the beginning of the school year can be hectic.


I’m looking forward to meeting many of you at the upcoming Parent Orientation on September 25th at 6:45 PM.  If we don’t get a chance to chat then, please feel free to call me at school at 703- 494-9153 with any concerns or questions you might have.  I know that this year will be a wonderful, challenging one and with a strong partnership, your child will enjoy a successful academic experience!








1 pack of loose-leaf paper


2 folders with pockets                                                                                          


1 package of #2 pencils

(no mechanicals)


2 red pens for checking                                                     


1 set of color markers


1 box of 24 crayons (larger boxes won’t fit in the desks)


one zippered plastic pouch




1 assignment  book ($3.50 at school)












glue or glue stick (no weird colored stuff please)


one ruler (metric and standard)


colored pencils


one box of tissues


one roll of paper towels


one marble composition book



one bottle of antibacterial waterless hand cleaner










11:10-11:40 daily



Student lunch $2.10

Milk  $.60

Desserts  $.65


Make checks payable to Prince William County Food Service.  Include the student name and teacher name on the face of the check to avoid error to your account.  Checks should be given to me first thing in the morning.  Parents are welcome to join us for lunch anytime!





P.E.      Day 3, 6, 9, 12    1:45-2:30 p.m.           


Art        Day 4, 7, 11        1:45-2:30 p.m.        


Music   Day 1, 5, 8          1:45-2:30 p.m.


Library Day 2,10            1:45-2:30 p.m.


French  Even and Odd   9:45 – 10:30 a.m.





                      Calendar Dates to Remember 


                    September 25              Parent Orientation (parents only please)


October 8                     Interims sent home


November 2                 End of first grading period


November 6                 Conference Day







Tentative Dates for Field Trips and  Special Stuff




Egg Drop                            October


Mount Vernon                    November


Planetarium                        December


Science Day                       March


Richmond Field Trip          May







Homework Policy



Homework will be assigned each night except Fridays.  Homework

may include studying spelling words or multiplication facts, reading from our

current trade book, reading journal entries, or practice worksheets in

Math, English, or Spelling.


Homework will be checked and graded. I will expect the homework

to be completed by the following morning.  Any assignments still

incomplete by the end of the grading period will result in a zero.  Any late

assignments will result in one drop in letter grade.


Beginning with the third grading period, late work will no longer

be accepted.



Long term projects will not be accepted after three days unless prior

arrangements have been made.

Assignment books will be filled out daily.  Please check these
books each day with your child.  The Lion folder will be used to transport
papers home each afternoon.  Graded papers on the left side of the folders
should be discussed and removed.  Homework papers on the right side
need to be completed and returned in the Lion folder the following day.












I have three general rules for behavior that keep the class running in a

smooth, productive manner. 


1.  When the teacher is talking, the student is listening.

2.  Raise your hand to talk.

3.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


Additionally, I try to impress on the students the importance of

treating each other with respect and courtesy.


Friday Pencils


Students will receive a pencil every Friday that reports on that week’s

conduct and work habits.  A pencil with no check marks and a sticker

will mean your child has had no problems in either area.  If the pencil

has checks, please take a moment to review it with your child and ways

to improve.  I regard these pencils as an excellent opportunity for us to

communicate about possible problems and work together toward solutions. 




Special Requests:


1.  Complete your emergency card and return A.S.A.P.!  If at any time during the year a change occurs, please let the office know.


2.  If you would be interested in helping in our classroom this year, please fill out the attached form and return to me.


3.   Contact me with any concerns.  I know we can work together.  Keep the lines of communication open and please come to me with your questions!




                                                   Thanks in advance,


                                                       Roberta Rihner




Room Parent ____                             Baked Goods ____


Field Trips    ____                   Emergency Phone Tree____              


Sharing Interests with Students in Presentation____


Special Interest Topic________________________________________________


Name_____________________________  Child’s Name_____________________


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