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Weekly Journal Rubric

Weekly Writing Rubric
Weekly Journal Rubric
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Weekly Reading Journal Format

Title of book and pages for that assignment go on the top wide margin.  Skip one line and write "Summary" next to the red line.  

Summary-In this section, the student writes a brief, 3-4 sentence, summary of the reading.  It is important that the student list main ideas and not details. 

Reaction-This section should be at least 5 sentences long.  The reaction allows the student to express his or her feelings about this particular passage.  The reaction should start with a topic sentence that is specific.  A strong example might be something like, "When I read this section, it reminded me of..." or "When the character won the contest, I felt..".  A weak topic sentence would be, "I liked this part".  After the topic, at least 3 detail sentences and one wrap up sentence or 4 details must be listed.  The detail sentences must be specific and support the topic sentence. Student's grade will be adjusted for every reaction sentence missing.  

Please see sample journal on first page of composition book for more help.  Other reaction ideas are on the inside cover of the composition book. Students with numbers 1-13 must turn in completed journal on Wednesday morning upon entering room. Students with numbers 14-25 will turn in journal on Thursday morning.  Journal and quiz reading assignments for the upcoming week are given on Friday, but are not required to be done until the following week.  The second reading assignment for the week must be completed by Friday, upon entering the classroom.  A quiz or Accelerated Reader test will be given on that day.

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