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Gomer Cable

...cause it moves electrons faster...

(if you couldn't tell that I was kidding, then press ctrl+alt+del 3 times and it will take you to a really cool web page)

UPDATE 08/06/02

Beast of a Subwoofer for sale!!

UPDATE 1/15/01

Major but stupid mistake in "Making the cable."  Should read:  
 "When you have all 4 wire sets,..... (i.e. if the pairs are twisted CLOCKWISE, then then small set of wires is  COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, and this final cable is again CLOCKWISE).  

UPDATE 1/10/01

Cable Capacitance is about 240pF/ft.

I just added two of many reviews that I dug out of my old emails.

NOTE: I made these pages in about a day, so there are bound to be stupid errors.  If you find any, please email me.  I will be updating the pages over the next week to fill in any gaps and to correct any errors.

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