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The Revolutionary War

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Important Battles of the Revolutionary War

There were many important battles of the Revolutionary war. The most important battles are the battle of Bunker Hill, New York, Trenton, Searatoga, Concord and Lexington And Yorktown.

The first battle of the Revolutionary War was the Battle of Concord and Lexington. On April 19th, 1775 American Militamen fought 800 British troops. The battle started in Concord. Seventy -three British soldiers were killed and over two hundred were wounded. 49 american soldiers were killed and thirty nine were wonded.

Another battle, the battle of New York is also very impotrant battle.The Americans stragitey during this battle important they first drove Washington off Long Island, then to lower Harlem. After this the retreted to white plains, where he was able to hold of the british forces for the first time.

The most famous battle of the revolutionary was the battle of bunker ghill. this battle was very important because the british won, but this battle weakened them. the british suffered a heavy loss.

On December 26th the American army crossed the Delewear river and suprised the British army at trenton. The major attack was made by 2,400 troops under washingtons order on the Hessian Garrison. The armerican army tolaly suprised the british and won their first battle of the revolutionary war.

During the battle of seratoga General Burgyne felt he had no other option but to press to albany. However the american army was blocking the route to Bemis Heights. The british made two attemps to break throught the american forces, but they failed. After the second attempt they retreted to searatoga. there they were surronded by american troops. the british had no choice but to surrender on Oct. 13, 1777. One fourth of the british forces in north america have surrendered, even though there were many battles to be fought. this insured the american independence.

The battle of yorktown was the most important battle in the revolutionary war. General Cornwalis arrived in Petersburg in May of 1781. After receving instructions, General Cornwalis went to Yorktown and began prepartioion for a naval base. General Washington moved soulth and, together with the french groud and naval forces surronded the british army, forcing them to surrender and eventually ending the war

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