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The Minimalist Boater
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TMB offers insights, philosophy, musings and mostly good vibes about getting the most enjoyment for the least money while messing about in boats. This site is aimed at folks who ply the backwaters, out of the mainstream of the boating world. I build my own boats mostly and welcome stuff from those who do the same.

I'll update TMB as I get the inspiration or you send me stuff.

last update 5-2-2001

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Crawdad is a 7'6" parody of coastal workboats. It is an effort to create a usable knockabout with 3 sheets of ply and some scrounged lumber. Although unfinished, Crawdad, like a friendly puppy, draws folks' attention, comments, and good vibes when we float by. She's cost me less than $50 so far and, when done, should tilt the books for no more than $100. TMB will be a reflection of this kind of boating.