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75 Years of Caring

Granville, Pennsylvania

On May 14, 1907, in South Bethleham, the Knights of Malta made a resolution that a committee of three be appointed to report on the feasibility of a Malta Home. A year later the committee reported that the feasibility of such a home was possible. In 1909, land was purchased from the Rittenhouse farm in Granville, Pennsylvania. During 1910-1918, the Board of Governors worked on admission policies, fund raising, and appointing committees, and building plans such as digging trenches and preparing the property for the Home. The property was farmed during this period.

A ground breaking ceremony was held in 1918. In 1919, the cornerstone was set and in May of 1921, the Home was ready to receive the first retired Maltas and Malta Widows and Orphans. A dedication was held August 13, 1921. Malta Home continued to grow with the property containing a fully equipped dairy farm, with a large stone barn, a brick school and recreation park. In 1944, the last of the orphans moved away and in 1956 the Home was opened to aged non-menbers.

In 1965, a remodeling program began, an elevator was installed and in 1966, a twenty-four skilled nursing unit was opened on the first floor. The unit received Medicare/Medicaid approval in 1967. The second and third floors provided personal care. From January 1, 1988 until January 1, 1991, the second floor was completely remodeled for nursing care making for a total of 40 beds. On September 20, 1991, the third floor was relicensed to provide 20 personal care beds. On November 24, 1995, the school was raised. The future of the Malta Home for the Aging looks bright with the plan for expansion.

The Home is managed by a five member Board of Governors elected by Commanderies in Pennsylvania.

Updated: 2 April 1998

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