DCI Banned and Restricted List Announcement

Announcement Date: March 11, 1999

Effective Date: April 1, 1999

Standard Constructed:

Memory Jar is banned.

Extended Constructed:

Memory Jar is banned.

Urza Block Constructed:

Memory Jar is banned.

Classic-Restricted (Type 1.5) Constructed:

Memory Jar is banned. Zuran Orb is UNBANNED.

Classic (Type 1) Constructed:

Memory Jar is restricted.

* Please consider this an addition to the March 1st announcement.

Memory Jar: As was mentioned in the March 1 anouncement, several cards were banned in order remove fast "Combination Decks" from dominating the Standard environment. However, Urza's Legacy has introduced another card, Memory Jar, that lends itself towards that same deck archetype. Many players have brought to our attention that this card, while perhaps not as strong as some of the other cards that were banned, is nonetheless strong enough that its presence diminishes the tournament environment.

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