"What resides in the heart of the Unicorn is a mystery.
Unknown to most for it is kept safely guarded.
Here her innermost feelings lay,
the very depths of her passions in life.
It is here you will get a glimpse of what lies within."

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Angels From the Start
Angels in Disguise
An Angel Among Us
Angel in Return

Child of the Elements
Christmas Without Me

Dancing with the Wind

Frosty Kisses

I am Always With You
I Found Music Among the Stars
I Wish My Name Was Music

Let's Build A Bridge
Let Me Dream
Lighting a Candle

Moon's Majik
My Home in My Heart

Oh to Be The Kind of Woman

Remember Me

Seeking a Knight

Tears I Silently Send
Thanksgiving Prayer
The Man Who Saw With His Heart
The Unicorn's Wall Of Vets

Words Won't Do


"Music of the Night"
Music courtesy of dolphinsdream/quietude