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About us


Suzanne AKA Suus

I'm 16 years old and my bday is on the 28th November!!

My fave blue boy is Lee, but i just love them all so it depends on who was/were the nicest when I last met them.


My fave blue video clip is flyby2 and my fave blue song still alrise...(depends on the mood im in..)

I love the boys because they are SO DAMN nice!! and they really care about their fans..!!



Nathalie AKA Nat

Nat is 26 years old and is totaly in love with kyle..from Six (u can find a link on the links page)

Her fave blue boys is Sy. He is just so fit and when he's in a good mood he is certenly a great guy...;)

but she cant really choose either...they are just 4 wicked blokes!! right guys??

Well we
met the guys for the first time in  Bluewater, Kent @  a signing.. Before that time we weren't even fans. And now  it's like we  life in a 'blue bubble' and the guys even recognize us!! ;-). We met the guys a couple of times now and we still can't get enough of them!! we wanna share our joy with you!!