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On this page you won't find audio of the album or audio that is already on officialblue.

the audio u get here is mostly from radio interviews and i mite add some from tv interviews as well...!!

most of it ofcourse from Dutch and Belgium tv!! cos u English people cant get that!!

some of it is even recorded by me personally!!


these files are in .wav or mp3


Specially/personally recorded for THIS site:

~ outside platinum award show...10th june 2002 ~


Blue @ the Holidayparty, Belgium 17th June 2002:

(comin soon) ~ Blue interview ~ (comin soon)

~ Long time ~

(i dunno wots wrong with sy but it doesnt sound really well...)

(comin soon) ~ Best in me ~ (comin soon)

(comin soon) ~ Too close ~ (comin soon)