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Site map

Help!! where do i have to go to??..There is to much!!...what is on it??

Well here is the place to find out!


this is what my(suus's) bar looks like!!

^^^^^^^this is what my (suus's) bar looks like^^^^^^



The latest news and updates on blue! we try to update this page as much as possible. We will look through the internet for you and find the latest you dont have to visit all the sites yourself.



Individual blue details. We dont update this page a lot only if we find a real nice habbit or anything that we think you should know about!



Pictures of the Blue boys!! We will update this page as much as possible so you don't miss out the coolest pics. We will aslo scann magazine pics and post them on it as wel!!

If you have pics you can also send them in! btw we appologize if there are pics on dubble...because we have so much pics we can't check them all! if you find a dubblue pic please contact us and we will remove the dubble ASAP.



Have you always been looking for a blue fan to write with? Well here you can add your own details and let others write you or contact one of the fans who is already in the list!

Tyryin to update it as much as possible.



All funny blue things to do. Do you really know blue?? play the quiz! get free blue ringtones and not only for a nokia phone! make a blue virtual puzzle! enter the competition!! Put a blue wallpaper on your desktop. Send blue greeting cards to friends!! Join the mailing list and get mailed when the site has been updated with big news/things!! and loads more!!

All fun for blue fans!



Chat with other blue fans!! every saturday night at 19:00 uk time or an other time...just get some blue fans together and organise a chat!! I will organise some monthly myself...and if it works out even weekly...!!

check the chat for blue fans!! we will be online as Suus and Nat.


Mailing list:

Join the mailing list and get mailed when the site has been updated big time!! if you dont like can get your name removed from the list as quick as you joined it!



Leave a msg in the guestbook and let other fans know what you think of this site! if you have any suggestions..? put them on the guestbook too!! and ill see what i can do ;-)

(you can also mail us if you have any suggestions).



here you can find out where blue are...

this is not an official schedule....these are the things we heard or read.

do not blame us if anything is not correct! :-)



It's like a chat but not directly. you post a msg and wait for some1 to reply.

please use the forum, cos if no1 uses it we will remove it from the site..

too bad no1 ever writes in it :-( so GET THE FORUM ROLLIN'



Enter the poll!! some of the results will even be shown to the blue boys themself! so get votin!! we dont know how much to update this but we will just hear it from you in the guestbook or in the forum!


Tell a friend:

Do you think this is a wicked site?? Then tell a friend!! and get them to see how cool it is!! you don't want your friends to miss out on this, do you??


Site map:

Thats where you are now!! get to visit the other pages!! u don't want to be stuck on this one!!