Mr. Monarch Goes To The Nursing Home
Esther Atkinson
Raising two monarch butterflies from ugly caterpillars for the first time was an interesting experience. When releasing the first one, he acted as if he'd been incarcerated. He disappeared in a hurry. Two days hater, Mr. Monarch broke from the chrysalis. What a beautiful specimen. (The first one didn't stay around long enough to be named.)
Knowing the residents at the nursing home where my mother lives do not get to enjoy many things in nature, I decided to take Mr. Monarch for a visit. He was transported in his birthing jar, strapped in the front seat of my vehicle. He didn't seem to mind the trip at all. Passing the jar around and showing him off to one another, as if he were a new baby, many residents had questions for me. They wanted to know: Where did I buy him? How did I catch him? How did I get him in the jar? They thought his coloring was outstanding. Even those who pay very little attention to anything seemed to take notice although they did not comment.
After returning safely to Roanoke, Mr. Monarch was released. Apparently he liked his surroundings. He "hung out" in the back yard the rest of the day enjoying the nectar of the late blooming flowers.

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