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History of the Parish
of New Cumnock
by Robert Guthrie
Craufurd of

A. Finlay de Craufurd de Comenoc before 1296
Janet Retter writing in 'Drongan, The Story of a Mining Village' states that 'Early information about
the Craufurds of Dalleagles, New Cumnock, is scarce but references have been found to a ''Finlay de
Craufurd de Comenoc'' and to Roger de Craufurd, his son, in 1296.' As yet I have been unable to
find the reference source for Finlay de Craufurd, however his son Roger de Craufurd appears in the
Ragman Roll of 1296.

B. Roger de Craufurd del Counte de Are 1296
The name Roger de Craufurd del Conte de Air appear in the Ragman Roll of 1296 along with four
other Craufurds.

Crauford (Crauuford), Johan de (tenant le Roi du counte Are).
Crauford (Crauuford), Johan de (del counte de Are).
Crauford (Crauuford), Renaud (Reinaud, Reynaud) de (del counte de Are).
Crauford (Crauuford), Roger (Rogier) de (del counte de Are).
Crauford (Crauuford), William de (del counte de Are).

Alexander Nisbet 'System of Heraldry' is in little doubt that Roger is one of the Craufurds of
Dalleagles, 'This is for certain the family of the Crawfurds, that were sometimes designed of
Cumnock, and sometimes of Tarringin; and had also the lands of Crawfurdston in Nithsdale. So
much is certain that Roger Crawfurd of Boughs, Dalleagles & c., was in the reign of Robert II anno
1387, brother to Edward Crawfurd of Tarringin; and that they founded the once great House of the
Crawfurds of Drongan, of whom came another considerable family of the Crawfurds of Liffnorris.
Of them all the Crawfurds in Kyle are come'.

C. John Craufurd of Cumnock
1358 : David I appointed Sir John Crawford of Cumnock, forester or keeper of the forest of
Glenkens. The king had recently acquired these lands, which stretched from Carsphairn to
Balmaclellan, from George, Earl of March descendant of Patrick, Earl of Dunbar and Baron of
Cumnock.(Andrew McCulloch 'Galloway A Land Apart').

N.B. The Glenkens would eventually fall into the hands of the Gordons of Earlston. Sir William
Gordon was created 1st Baronet of Afton in 1706, and Dalleagles were part of their Afton estates.

James Paterson 'History of the County of Ayr' (1843) tracks the family through to the 18th century.
He describes the Craufurds of Daleaglis as an ancient family - probably the oldest of all the lesser
branches of the Craufurds. For the purpose of this work , Paterson nomenclature I., II, III,.... etc. is
retained and extracts from his work appears in black font.For the purpose of this work, James
Paterson's nomenclature I., II, III,.... etc. is retained and extracts from his work appear in
black font.
This is greatly enhanced with research notes kindly provided by Stuart Clarkson, Guelph, Canada
which appear in
blue font.

The first Craufurd Paterson finds is Roger de Craufurd, the one that Alexander Nisbet claims to be a
descendant of Roger de Craufurd del Counte of Are.

I. Roger de Craufurd of Daleglis (and Beoch)
1384 : 'Alan de Cathkert entered into an indenture with Roger de Crawford of Daleglis, by which
part of the barony of Dalmelyntoun was pledged to Rodger, for 46, 13s 4d. sterling, paid by him to
Alan de Cathcart in his great necessity' .
1390 : 'Robert III confirms a charter by Robert II "Rogera de Craufurd et Elizabeth spousae sui
terrarum de Chevylle, which Lord Auchinleck, supposes to be Sheel, part of the estate of Drongan' .

1387 : Alexander Nisbet refers to him as Roger Crawfurd of Boughs, Dalleagles & c. in 1387, which
helps identify his new lands as Bough, or Beoch a few miles to the north-east of Dalleagles. He also
refers to his brother as Edward Crawfurd of Tarringin.

Stuart Clarkson provides the following translaion from the Latin document

Register of the Great Seal, vol. II, #90 (translation):
At Edinburgh, 31 May (1427).
THE KING confirmed a certain indenture,- [in which Lord Alan of Kethkert knight, lord of the same,
pledged and offered the title of pledge (?) and renounced to ROGER of CRAUFURDE lord of Daleglis,-
his own 10 merk lands in his barony of Dalmelyntoun, in the sheriffdom of Air, viz. the farthing land
of Benbane, the obulatam (?) land of Drumcalder, the farthing land ofLathanis, the farthing land of
Molynnach, the farthing land of Dalwar, the farthing land of Rewach, the obulatam land of Knocbyrny,
the farthing land of Marchaleholme,- for 46 13s. 4d. sterling; which the said Roger paid to the said
Alan as necessary:- to be held by the said Roger and Elisabeth his spouse and the longer living of them
and their heirs and assignees from the said Alan, his heirs and assignees, until such time as the said
Alan and his heirs or assignees shall have paid 46 13s. 4d. upon the high altar in the kirk of St. Conval
of Cumnock on one Sunday between the sunrise and setting next following the one festival of the birth
of the blessed John the Baptist (ie 24 June):- also the said Alan yielded to the said Roger and Elisabeth
and their said all farms and proficua (?profits) of the said lands, having been levied in the meantime, for
counsel and aid:- returning to the said Roger and Elisabeth one secta (?vote) at the three head courts
annually held at Dalmelyntoun, with an annual return of 2 merks, 1d.:- Moreover if they shall have
been expelled from the said lands, Alan obliged himself, his heirs, etc, and all his lands of Cathkert and
Sondrum, etc . At Sundrum Tuesday next after the feast of the birth of the Lord 1384]:- witnessed by
John bishop of Glasgow chancellor, John Forstare chamberlain, Robert of Lawedre knight, justiciar;
Walter of Ogilby treasurer.

(N.B.This seems to be more of a wadset/rental agreement than a full transfer of property.)

Properties : Benbane (Benbain, Dalmellington), Drumcalder (Drumkalladyr, New Cumnock), Lathanis (Lanehead?,
New Cumnock), Molynnach (Maneight, New Cumnock), Dalwar ?, Rewach (Beoch ?, New Cumnock), Knocburny
(Knockburnie ,New Cumnock), Marchaelholme (Marshallmark, New Cumnock)

II. John Craufurd of Daleglis
1406 : son to Roger Craufurd of Daleglis had a charter from Robert , Duke of Albany, (1406) of the
lands of Schevyll. It may thus be presumed that Roger of Daleglis was the progenitor of the Craufurds
of Drongan.

1401 : Jane Retter uncovers an earlier reference to John Craufurd in a charter by Robert III (1401),
'John de Craufurd fillo Roger de Craufurd de Daleglis' and also reveals that he was described as "Lord
of Drongane" in the later charter of 1406.

Stuart Clarkson provides the following translaion from the Latin document

Register of the Great Seal, vol. II, #27 (translation):
At Strewelyn (ie Stirling), 11 Nov. (1425):
THE KING confirmed a charter of his own uncle Robert duke of Albany etc governor of Scotland,- [in
which he granted to JOHN OF CRAWFURDE, son of Roger of Crawfurde of Daleglis,- the three penny
lands of Scheuylt, in the barony of King's Kyle, in the sheriffdom of Are;- which the same Roger
resigned:- to be held by the said John and his heirs, in fee:- witnessed by Gilbert bishop of Aberdeen
chancellor, John Stewart of Coule son of the governor, Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure, John of Maxwell of
Pollok, Alan of Cathkert, Adam Mure knights, James Kennedy, John Sympil of Elyotstoun, John of
Crawfurde of Cumnock
and John Cathkert:- At Are, July 24, 1406, and in the first year of the
governor]:- witnessed by John bishop of Glasgow chancellor, John Forstare chamberlain, Robert of
Lawedre knight, justiciar; Walter of Ogilby treasurer, John Cameroun, keeper of the privy seal.

This branch must have died out , since the property next appears in the possession of the Craufurds of

James Paterson loses trace of the Craufurds of Dalleagles after II. Roger Craufurd, and doesn't pick up
their trail again until 1660. However, he does follow another branch of that family, the Craufurds of
Lefnoreis (or Lochnorris), an estate a few miles to the north of Dalleagles, and now part of the
Dumfries House Estate in Old Cumnock.
As we have seen Alexander Nisbet claims that all of the
Crawfurds of Kyle are come from the Craufurds of Dalleagles,
including the Craufurds of Lefnoreis.
The relevant Dalleagles extracts from the Craufurds of Lefnoreis are,

James Paterson, makes no reference to (D.) Andrew or (E.) Patrick, but picks up the trail of the
Craufurds of Dalleagles with William, evidently the son of the aforementioned Patrick, since Paterson

III. William Craufurd of Daleglis
'William married about 1660, (see above 1658) Janet, daughter of John Craufurd of Craufurdland, by
whom he had five sons and two daughters.'

called younger of Daleglis [hca/i.365]; of Daleagles 1695 [APS/ix.374], 1704 [APS/xi.143]
c. ?c. 1630 (guess)
m. c. 1660 [hca/i.365]
Janet Craufurd, dau of John Craufurd of Craufurdland [IRS-Ayr/ 35]
- 30 sep 1658 her dau of John Craufurd of Craufurd,land spouse of William Craufurd, fiar of
Daleglis mentned in sasine [IRS-Ayr/ 35]
children: five sons, two daughters [hca/i.365]
- 30 sep 1658 him yngr of Daleglis mentned in sasine [IRS-Ayr/ 35]
- 9 jne 1680 Granter of tack [IRD/1680]
- 1695 him of Daleagles commissioner of supply for Ayr [APS/ix. 374]
- 1704 him of Daleagles commissioner of supply for Ayr [APS/xi.143]
Courtesy of Stuart Clarkson

IV. William Craufurd of Daleglis
'was amongst the number of gentlemen of Ayrshire who, in 1701, petitioned parliament in reference to
certain grievances under which the nation laboured'

Note : Paterson's III. William and IV. William appear to be one and the same.

1684 : Less than twenty years beforehand, Covenanting grievances were at their height in south-west
Scotland. The parish of Cumnock had been sub-divided into the two new parishes of Old Cumnock
and New Cumnock in 1650, but the Earl of Dumfries had this division annulled, a decision that was
not overturned until 1691. Therefore for this period of time the parishes of Old and New Cumnock
were administered under the one parish of Cumnock. In any case, Hew Craufurd, the first minister of
the new parish of New Cumnock had already been banished for his adherence to the Covenanting
reformation. The minister of Cumnock was now Samuell Nimmo and he listed the Laird of Dalegles as
one of the heritors (land-owners) in the parish.

'Master Samuell Nimmo, minister of Cumnock, of the age of forty years, married, being solemnly
sworn and interrogate, depones that the list of his heretours are as followes:-
Earle of Dumfries, Laird of Craigie, Laird of Cessnock, younger, Laird of Gaitgirth, elder, John
Campbell of Horscleugh, Laird of Carletoun, Laird of Borland, Laird of Glasnick, Laird of Logan, Laird
of Dalegles
, Hew Dowglas of Garrallan'
(The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1684)

In 1684, landowners in the parish of Cumnock (Old and New) were interrogated and obliged to
depone (declare on oath) any knowledge they had regarding Covenanting activity within the parish.
William Craufurd of Daleglis appears in two declarations -

'George Halbert in Litle Auchencorse, ane of the elders of within the parish of Cumnock, depones he
knowes of none that hes gone furth of the said parish except ane Craufurd, spouse to William
Patersone in Cumnock, Mr. William Craufurd of Duregles, and his wyff, whoe duells in Ucheltrie
parish for his childreins educatione, and Mr. Hew Craufurd, whoe is banished' (The Register of the
Privy Council of Scotland 1684)

'John Fergusone in Cumnock depones that he knoues the Laird of Logan and Mr William Craufurd to
have gone out of the parish; and addes that it is 3 or 4 yeirs since Logane and Mr William Craufurd
went out of the parish' (The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1684).

1691 : Mr William Crawfoord and his family ( six in total) appear in the 1691 Hearth Tax for Ayrshire,
having returned to the newly re-constituted parish of New Cumnock.

V. John Craufurd of Dalleagles
'is mentioned in the Presbytery books of Ayr in 1727'
1732 : Will of John Crawford of Dalleagles with reference to his only son John, parish of Auchinleck,
8th January 1732

VI. Adam Craufuird of Dalleagles
'was seised in the eight merk land of Eastern Polquhairn, with the manor place, and Knockguldeon, in
Ochiltree parish 23 February,1756. He was the last of the Craufurds of Dalleagles.
13 Jul 1517
'Instrument narrating that George Craufurd of Lafinoris, freely and without
compulsion, resigned the one-merk land of Dalleglis, the merk land of
and the merk land of Schang into the hands of James Dunbar of
Cumnock, superior of the same, and that in favour of Besseta Wallas (his
spouse), which resignation being so made and received, after a due interval
of time, the said James Dunbar gave andgranted the said lands to George C.
and his wife in conjunct fee, their heirs, &c., in terms of a charter to be made
thereupon. Done at Lafinoris same date as preceding.Witnesses, Robert
Nisbet and George Ogilvy '( Protocol Book of Gavin Ros (no. 185))
Courtesy of Stuart Clarkson

6 Jun. [1549] at Edinburgh
'The Queen etc granted to Margaret Creichtoun in liferent, and George
Craufurde de Lefnoris
hereditary, and to the heirs procreated lawfully
between the said Margaret and George, whom failing, to the nearest lawful
heirs or assignees of the said George whomsoever, - 2 merk lands of
Knockdonis, the lands of Slowanis de Waird, the lands of Dykis occupied by
John Craufurde, the lands of Windyraw, the grain mill of Nith, 2 merk
lands of Farding
, the lands of Auchingy, Dalleglis, Quhitehill and Schang,
with annexes, extending annually to 100 merks, in the sheriffdom of Air; -
which the said George, with consent of Alexander Nesbit de Bankheid his
lawful curator [ie tutor], personally resigned ..
(Register of the Great Seal of Scotland (vol 4, no. 327))
Courtesy of Stuart Clarkson

Properties : Dalleagles, Whitehill, Farden, Auchinge and Dalricket (grain mill of Nith)
all New Cumnock.
D. Andrew Craufurd, son of William Craufurd of Lefnoreis
called ?in Dalleglen (ie Dallegles) 1602 [CC/v.158]
b. ?c. 1580 (guess)
children: ?Patrick (guess); William [IRS-Ayr/ 35]

E. Patrick Craufurd, ?son of Andrew Craufurd in Dalleglen
called of Daleglis 1658 [IRS-Ayr/ 35], 1667 [IRD/1667]; elder of Daleglis [IRS-Ayr/35]

Index Register od Sasines [IRS - Ayr/35]
12 Feb 1658
Patrick Crawford of Daleglis
William Crawford son of Patrick Crawford of Daleglis

30 Sep 1658
Patrick Crawford of Daleglis, elder
William Crawford of Daleglis, younger
Janet Crawford, daughter of John Crawford of Crawfurdland and spouse of William
Crawford, fiar* of Daleglis (N.B. Christian Wallace relict of John Crawford of Crawfurdland
appears in Register of Sasine 22 Mar 1637)
*fiar : the heir who holds the property in fee

7 Oct 1667
Jonet Logan spouse of Patrick Craufurd of Daleglis
11 Dec 1667
Patrick Craufurd of Daregles in New Cumnock grantee of bond [IRD/1667]
9 Jun 1680
Patrick Craufurd - Granter of tack [IRD/1680]
Courtesy of Stuart Clarkson

The property of Dalleagles lies in the west of the parish, about 3
miles from the town. The name signifies 'church-land' and
fragments of sculptured stone (now lost) were once found in
Dalleagles Burn. The church may have at one time served as a
private chapel for the Craufurds of Dalleagles.
Properties of Dalleagles and Beoch