The New Cumnock Mural , at the Mary Morrison Memorial Garden
History of the Parish
of New Cumnock
by Robert Guthrie
Craufurds and
New Cumnock

All the branches of the Craufurd (Crauford, Crauuford, Craufuird,
Crawford etc.) families of Ayrshire are said to stem from the great dynasty,
the Craufords of Loudon, with its roots back in the 12th century when
Margaret de Loudon married Reginald de Craufurd, (b.1165) . The head of
this family became hereditary sheriffs of Ayr, a title that eventually would
pass through marriage to the Campbells of Loudon in the 14th century.
The Craufurds alongside the Earls of Dunbar are the earliest recorded
families holding lands in what is now the parish of New Cumnock.
The earliest reference to Craufurds in New Cumnock are the
Craufurds of Dalleagles who held these lands and those of the
Beoch, on and off, from the 13th through to the 18th century.
Branches of the Craufurd family are found at Garrieve,
Pollosche. The first minister of the parish of New
Cumnock was Hew Crawford.
The family branched off from the Craufurds of Dalleagles,
and indeed held these lands along with a number of other
New Cumnock lands including Beoch, Craigman, Whitehill,
Farden, Dalricket, Auchingee, Straid, Blarene, Little
Mark,Garrieve, Garclaugh and Dalhanna.
Craufurd Distibution Map
The Craufurds, as lairds of Auchincross
were involved in a number of local feuds in
the opening years of the 17th century.