Archibald Gracie and Christina Martin
Annie Gracie, daughter of Archibald
Dalricket, New Cumnock
Archibald Gracie and Christina Martin

Gary Blond of Brisbane, Australia has kindly provided these photographs from
his family tree that includes the surnames of Gracie, Hyslop, Lawrie and Martin.
married in New Cumnock,
16th December 1870

1881 Census
Living at theKnowe Castle View Cottage,
Mauchline, some 12 miles from New
Old Parish Records of New Cumnock
Entry August 13th 1875

'Archibald Gracie and Christina Martin
residing in Dalricket had a daughter born
unto them on the 15th day of July, 1875,
and baptised on Sabbath 15th day of
August by the name Annie.'

Dalricket, New Cumnock
Old photos of Dalricket, New Cumnock kindly provided by Olive Sharpe.
Annie Lawrie (nee Gracie), sister of Archibald
Annie Gracie (sister of Archibald Gracie)
married David Lawrie (Whiteletts, Ayr)
in New Cumnock 6th June 1873.


21st August 1868 at Craigbank, New Cumnock
Groom Alex Gracie age 21 born Carluke
Coalminer bachelor address Craigbank
Father Thomas Gracie coalminer (deceased)
Mother Janet Gracie m.s. Hyslop (deceased)

Bride Annie McKnight age 18 born Dalry
Domestic servant spinster address Craigbank
X her mark
Father Douglas McKnight coalminer born Kells
Mother Mary m.s. Morrison born Parton

Minister George Anderson.
Registrar William Johnstone

Gary reckons that this picture was taken in
Brisbane , Australia circa 1900/1910
Annie died in Brisbane, 1923.
Free Church , The Castle, New Cumnock
Alex and Annie were married at the Free Church , New Cumnock
(the church at Craigbank had not been built at that time
Source : George Sanderson
'New Cumnock, Long Ago and Faraway'
The New Cumnock Mural , at the Mary Morrison Memorial Garden
The New Cumnock Mural , at the Mary Morrison Memorial Garden
History of the Parish
of New Cumnock
by Robert Guthrie

Gracie, Hyslop, Lawrie,
Martin and McKnight

Annie Gracie, daughter
of Archibald Gracie and Christina Martin
Annie Gracie and David Lawrie
Alex Gracie and Annie McKnight
Thomas Gracie and Janet Hyslop

Thomas Gracie, coalminer married Janet Hyslop
son Alex Gracie m. Annie McKnight, 21st August 1868
son Archibald Gracie m. Christina Martin, 16th December 1870
daughter Annie Gracie m. David Lawrie, 6th June 1873