William McMinn and Barbara Lindsay, Lanemark, New Cumnock

1891Census Lanemark Pit Cottage,New Cumnock

William McMinn* (60), shepherd, born Borgue
Barbara Lindsay (57), wife, born New Galloway
James McMinn (31), son, farm servant, born Kirkcudbright
John McMinn (29), son, farm servant, born Kirkcudbright
Daniel McMinn (25), son, farm servant, born Kirkcudbright
Barbara McMinn (19), dressmaker, born Buittle

Photo kindly provided
by Alexa McMinn

Walls of Mount Thraw, family tombstone, Auld Kirkyard, New Cumnock

Walls of Monthraw, New Cumnock

1881 Census Monquthraw,New Cumnock

James Walls (48), shepherd*, born New Cumnock
Agnes Walls (43), wife, born Dalry
James Walls (16), son, born New Cumnock
Mary Walls (5), daughter, scholar, born New Cumnock
Joseph Hyslop (9), nephew, scholar born New Cumnock
Mary Hyslop(64), mother-in-law born Dalry

* in charge of 2000 acres

Walls Family Tombstone,
Auld Kirkyard, New Cumnock

Erected by James Walls
In memory of his father John Walls Shepherd Mounthraw
Who died 16th August 1861? Aged 61 years
And Helen Rowan his mother who died 1865 aged 69 years
Also William Walls his son who died 12th January 1876?
Also John Walls and beloved husband of Janet Gray
who died at Monthraw 6th June 1865 aged 33 years
Agnes Hyslop wife of the above James Walls
who died 1903 aged 65 years

Mother-in-law Mary Hyslop who died 30th May 1902 aged 87

The Glen Inn, New Cumnock

Daniel McMinn married Mary Walls,
Monthraw Cottages, New Cumnock 1896
children -
Agnes Hyslop Walls McMinn born New Cumnock,1896
Barbara Lindsay McMinn born New Cumnock, 1900
James Walls McMinn, born Glen Inn, New Cumnock, 1903
Mary Walls McMinn, born New Cumnock, 1905

Glen Inn, New Cumnock
by kind permission of Donald McIver

*William McMinn was the son of James McMinn and Elizabeth Papple

McMinn of Glen Inn, New Cumnock

New Cumnock
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The New Cumnock Mural , at the Mary Morrison Memorial Garden
The New Cumnock Mural , at the Mary Morrison Memorial Garden

History of the Parish
of New Cumnock
by Robert Guthrie
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McMinn, Walls,
Lindsay and Guthrie

William McMinn and Barbara Lindsay
at Lanemark Pit Cottage, New Cumnock

Sheena Guthrie (nee McMinn) with sons Cameron and James, the great-great grandsons of James Walls 'herd of Montrhaw' at Monthraw Cottages, New Cumnock, 2002


Robert Guthrie married Sheena McMinn*, Paisley 1980
(*daughter of James Walls McMinn and Doreen Brown),
James Neil Guthrie born Glasgow 1988
Cameron Robert Guthrie born Glasgow 1993