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Webmistress Michelle

Hello! So you have found me. Well, a little about me. After a year of college, I decided to take some time off and move into the city for some self discovery. Since moving to Boston, I've learned a vast amount about myself and the ideals that I stand strongly behind. I identify as a trans ally, a radical feminist, sex positive, femme dyke. Now, I'm not about being put into a box by labels, so I choose to define my own. I work at a local resource center for youth, and am involved with trans outreach projects at work. I facilitate a support group for partners of Trans identified folks, and am always looking for more support resources for SOFFA's. I have been an ally and SOFFA for almost two years now, and when I moved into the city realized that I was not the only partner out there looking for resources, so decided that when I got computer savvy enough (or just found a really sweet guy to help me build a site) that I would create on that would be helpful to folks! So yeah, that's what I'm doing right now.

I should probably mention friends here. Matthew, we have grown so much together and discovered so much. You have taught me more than I will ever know. For all of the memories, the lessons, the struggles and the kisses, I thank you. And big thanks to Michael, who helped me put this whole thing together. And my lovely former roomate and good friend Christine. She's fabulous, and throws great parties. Robin, you're a ton of fun. It's been great living with you so far. Let's keep on shopping.

Anyhow, enjoy the site. And please don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave!

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