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Girl Scout Ceremonies

Flag Ceremonies

Flags - Multiple Levels
Opening: Quiet Sign
Daisy Girl Scout enters carrying a Daisy Flag
Narrator 1: I am the Daisy Girl Scout Flag. I have watched over the Girl Scouts in blue. I have watched them become Girl Scouts & now they seek the wise old owl.
Brownie Girl Scout enters carrying Brownie Flag.
Narrator 2: I am the Brownie Girl Scout Flag. I have watched over the Girl Scouts in Brown. I have guided their enthusiasm for three years and now they fly from my arms.
Junior Girl Scout enters carrying Girl Scout Flag.
Narrator 3: I am the Girl Scout Flag. I have watched over the Girl Scouts in green. For three years I have watched them go and now they step upward to Cadette Girl Scouting.
Cadette Girl Scout enters carrying the World Association Flag.
Narrator 4: I am the World Association Flag. I watch over my Girl Scouts to appreciate Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding all over the world. They have the same international spirit that made me great. I watch Cadette Girl Scouts grow to be Senior Girl Scouts. Please stand.
Senior Girl Scout enters carrying United States Flag.
Narrator 5: I am the United States Flag. I watch over Senior Girl Scouts and all Girl Scouts. I can hold me head high when I am with them. I am proud of my daughters. Girl Scouts & guests, the flag of our country. Please say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Close as you like.

Flag Retirement Ceremony
This is just one idea for a solemn and respectful way to retire a US Flag that has seen it's last glory day.
Have six girls hold the flag, three on each side. One girl uses scissors to cut each stripe away as another reminds us of the original thirteen colonies names. Each stripe is placed in the fire after it is cut off. When all the stripes were removed, place the field of stars into the flames & remember the fifty states for which the stars stand.
Close with taps.

Freedom Flag Ceremony
The stage area should be dark. Narrator is off stage or else on stage holding a small light to read by.
Narrator: From the four corners of the earth, they came. (enter four girls with small flashlights or lit candles) They carried a torch in freedom's name. (Pause)
Freedom of speech
1st girl: And speak we must!
Narrator: Freedom of worship
2nd girl: In God we trust
Narrator: Freedom from want
3rd girl: Freedom from weakness and greed
Narrator: Freedom from fear
4th girl: is freedom indeed!
Narrator: Let these freedoms be the beacons that call thee to the land of the free and the home of the brave.
The flag is brought onto the stage.
Narrator: To honor the flag is to honor the freedom for which it stands, Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.
All participants escort flag off stage.

Recipe For An American Flag
(a.k.a. Make a Flag Ceremony)
In center of stage is a large basket in which a flag is hidden.
Narrator: Will you please rise for the presentation of the colors.
Girls come in single file, each carrying a component of the flag. They are followed by the Girl Scout flag. Girls stand across the stage behind the basket.
Narrator: Red for valor - for the courage of all women who, with a dream in their hearts, crossed the ocean to begin life anew in a free land. For the bravery of women who, with hope and faith, crossed the prairie and mountains of our vast land. For the steadfastness of these women who, through all adversities, shouldered the country's burdens to emerge as stronger individuals.
Place red streamers in basket.
Narrator: White for purity - for the integrity of all women whose fortitude wove the strands of diverse cultures into an integral national heritage. For the piety of all women whose faith formed the foundation upon which our country was built and continues to grow.
White streamers are placed in basket.
Narrator: Blue for justice - for the foresight of all those women who created an atmosphere in which each of their children could develop to their fullest potential. For the perseverance of all those women who contributed their talents to further the development of our country.
Light blue paper or piece of cloth is placed in basket.
Narrator: Stars for dreams - for the dreams of the future. That the generations of tomorrow may fulfill the promise of the past 200 years, so that the visions of those who came before us will be revitalized and the future will hold forth hope and promise for all generations to come.
Stars are placed in basket.
Pick up flagpole and "stir"
Narrator: Stirring the stories of my stars and stripes, I symbolize the soul of America, er ideas and aspirations, her institutions and traditions.
Remove the folded flag.
Narrator: This flag, which we honor and under which we serve, is the symbol of our uity, our power and our purpose as a nation.
Two or more girls unfold the flag, attach it to the pole & stand at attention.
Narrator: Please join us in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
All say Pledge of Allegiance
Narrator: All Girl Scouts make the Girl Scout Sign and say the Girl Scout Promise
All Scouts say Promise.
Narrator: Color guard, post your colors.
Wait for flags to be posted.
Narrator: Color guard retreat.
Wait for color guard to return to their places.
Dismiss all.

Recipe For An American Flag (version 2)
large pot
1 cup red "flag"
1 cup white stars (glitter)
1 cup blue "flag"
1 cup white "flag"
a spoon

Colors can be cut up construction paper, glitter, whatever. Fold a real American Flag & ut it in the put so it will be easy to remove once the "ingredients" have been added (standing on its side).
Recite the following poem while "creating" the flag:
We're going to fix for you a treat that's really grand
And make for you a recipe - the greatest in the land.
Girl 1: First we'll add a heaping cup of red for courage true (adds red)
Girl 2: And then we'll add, for loyalty, a dash of heavenly blue. (adds blue)
Girl 3: For purity, we'll sift in a cup of snowy white. (adds white)
Girl 4: We'll sprinkle in a pinch of stars to make it come out right. (adds stars)
All: We'll stir & stir and you will see
That what we make is OLD GLORY.
Have two other girls pull flag out of pot & unfold. End by having everyone say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Standard Flag Ceremony
This is just the basic Flag Ceremony commands, for those who aren't familiar with them,or who need a refresher. There are many versions & other commands that can be added. Do what you feel works for your group. These are just a suggestion.
We always have a caller & an even number of girls for the color guard. When raising the flag up a "real" pole (one with a rope & pulley system) it usually takes two girls to do the actual raising.
Caller commands:
Girl Scouts Attention
Color Guard Attention
Color Guard Advance
Color Guard Post the Colors
Girl Scouts join me in the Pledge of Allegiance
All recite Pledge
Girl Scouts join me in the Girl Scout Promise
All say Promise
Color Guard Dismissed
Girl Scouts Dismissed