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The 2004 Great Backyard Bird Count took place February 13-16.  We prepared for the count by reading about birds, and by making bird feeders to entice them into our yard.

We actually only counted birds on two of the days, and for a total of probably 1 hour.  During that time we counted:
White-crowned Sparrow      4
Dark-eyed Junco                  5
Western Scrub-Jay               1
American Crow                     6
Mourning Dove                    18
Anna's Hummingbird            1
House Finch                        14
Red-tailed Hawk                   2
Northern Mockingbird           1
The white-crowned sparrow was a new identification for us.  We learned that the house finches and mourning doves came to eat as couples.  Juncos and mourning doves were ground-feeders, and house finches weren't picky about where their food came from.

scooping peanut butter
Making a pine cone feeder

Spreading the p.b. on the pine cone

Making sure the birdseed sticks

white-crowned sparrow
A white-crowned sparrow

mourning doves
Mourning doves

house finch
Male house finch at the feeder

Perhaps you noticed there were not any pictures of the pine cone feeder in use?  The one Natalie worked so hard on (and got so messy making)? That would be because within minutes of hanging the lovely feeder, one of our neighborhood lunatic squirrels SWIPED it.  Thief.
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