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Bridget is the first child of Peter Fonda, while is niece of Jane. Their parents divorced when she was 9, and she moved with her mother Susan and brother Justin to Loas Angeles, having only little contacts with her father. When she was a student, she took a role in playing comedy Harvey, This experience lead her to try to become an actress. And indeed she did it on 1987, when she took part to the experimental film Aria. In the 1989 she played in Scandal, which lead her good fame. In 1992, she had even more success with Single White Female as Allison Jones, a successful young Manhattanite who takes in a roommate, which slowly starts to be attracted by her charming personality. Bridget comes to action films with Point of No Return (1989), being a criminal programmed to become a hardened government assassin, like in Luc Besson's Nikita. By 1994 she had become one of Hollywood's busiest actresses, being involved in three films at the same time. In Little Buddha, she and the singer Chris Isaak played a Seattle couple whose lives are disrupted when a monk tells them that their son may be a reincarnated Tibetan lama. She costarred with Anthony Hopkins and Matthew Broderick in The Road to Wellville, about a health-farm in the 19th century. Next, in the drama Camilla, she's a musician who is uncertain about her talent. She's never happy with her work, trying to do better every time. We can't wait the day when she'll be perfect!



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