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The Hayes Family

Eddie and Kelly

Matthew and Shawn

A Little About Us

seabeeEddie is a retired Navy Seabee with 20 years, 4 months and 28 days of active service. He enjoys expressing his opinion on a multifarious miscellany of subjects, to anyone who cares to listen. (As you have probably noticed he believes you should never use a large word when a diminutive word will suffice.) Check out Eddie's Opinion on Everything for his views on faith, family, and life in general. For the military minded individual, check out Eddie's Seabee Page for a look at Eddie's Seabee adventure.

Kelly's Homeschool CornerKelly is a stay-at-home mom and has recently completed homeschooling our youngest teenage son. She enjoys sewing, cross-stitch, and reading. Check out Kelly's Homeschool Corner for information on home schooling. There's a lot of information for those just starting out.

Matthew is our oldest son. He actively enjoys standing up for his heritage, despite all persecutions. He also enjoys playing "Legend of Zelda" and "Metroid" games on his various Nintendo systems, and computer games. When not on the computer, Matthew can usually be found with a book or Game Boy Advance. If you are interested in finding out more about Matthew, his beliefs, his interests, his heritage, or just want to enliven your day, check out Autocon's Bailiwick. He is very talented and creative, and is a real blessing to our family. He makes life more interesting for all of us, especially now that he is in college learning new computer skills and secrets.

It's A HitShawn is our youngest son. He is into the sports of baseball and football, and is an exuberant Atlanta Braves fan. Shawn also enjoys video games and reading. Besides all that, he enjoys collecting TransFormers. For more info, check out Shawn's Inner Sanctum of Erudition. It is very creative!


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