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Three Crosses on a Hill
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Testimony Of A Believer

Three Crosses on a Hill

There were three crosses on a hill over looking Jerusalem on that day when Christ was crucified. Only one was for an innocent man, free of sin, his name was Jesus and he died to be resurrected and to give salvation to you and I. He paid a great price for our salvation; he was tortured, beaten and humiliated. His death was not quick but instead very slow and painful. Imagine being laid on a cross and having nails driven through your hands and feet. He could have stopped it at any time but did not.
He was the perfect Lamb of God. Only his blood was pure enough to save. Jesus died as a sacrifice for all sin in this world. This blood is the only thing that will give salvation. The only way to obtain eternal life and see the glory of God is to be under the blood.
Jesus died but did not stay in the grave. On the third day he walked out of that tomb to fulfill the prophecy of salvation and to give salvation and eternal life to the world. Jesus rose out of death to show us that death is not the end, only the beginning. What we do between now and the beginning is what counts. How you live your life can not help you get to heaven unless you are a born again Christian under the blood of Christ.
Jesus said all who believe on him would have eternal life. I believe in him even though I have not seen or touched him I know he is real.
This is my prayer:
Lord I want to give thanks for your sacrifice, I know that I am not worthy of your gift and there is no way I can repay you for what you have done. I can only ask that I not let you down and for guidance in my life. Lord help me be a better person and let me be a help to others. I know I fall short in a lot of ways, please forgive me when I do. Lord thank you for all the blessing you have given to me and thanks for the peace in my life and Lord thanks for shedding your precious blood for my salvation.
I hope you know Jesus as your Lord and savior. If not I pray you will come to know him as I do. God be with you.

John 11:25-26 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.
Do you believe this?”

Testimony of a Believer

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