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Intent on equipping American dance culture with music that moves the heart and mind as well as the feet, BT (a k a 25 year-old Brian Transeau, who made his mark producing and remixing tracks for Tori Amos, Seal, Mike Oldfield and Paul Van Dyke) makes his first Stateside attack with the brilliant Ima. The first CD is a nine-track dancefloor filler that visits many villages in the electronic dance kingdom. Emitting a strong trance and progressive house vibe, Ima also flirts with soul, acid jazz, rock and ambient groove. "Tripping The Light Fantastic" possesses a deep and glorious groove which feels as comfortable in an underground warehouse rave as it does in the trendiest castles of clubland. "Loving You More" (offered in both traditional and dub formats) features soulful vocals by Vincent Covello and, following on the heels of La Bouche and the Real McCoy, could easily prove to be a crossover disco classic. But even stronger reinforcements arrive with the limited-edition bonus CD, which includes BT's forthcoming claim to fame, "Blue Skies." Featuring the unmistakable, untouchable vocals of Tori Amos, the track (which also appears in two different versions) is an immediately mesmerizing, undeniably funky, beautifully eerie song certain to ensnare all musical cliques within its rhythmic grasps. Also be sure to catch the 43-minute, club-ready "Voyage Of Ima," flawlessly mixed by the incomparable DJ Sasha.

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