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Diz iz da Official B95 page in my site.I hope you enjoy what I gotta say about diz site.Mostly da hot azz Dj'z from B95!~!~!~!~!~!

Juice Crew Morning Show!!!!
Andre,Chi Chi Lee and G-man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hottezt,Finnezt italiano N da Valley,Eric Sean!!Well so far!!!

My Man G-Man representin da morning show!!!

Tony T. still mixin hiz ish where it dont belong!!!!

My ONLY freak, D. Ross!!!!!

(Much Much love to him,he no longer works with B95)
Our newezt crew members,Welcome 2 da B95 world Fou Sheezy Maneezy!

                  Erik Danny Salas
                  Pattie Moreno
                 Johnny K

I am sending much much love to all the new employees at B95,Why?Well I have much love for all mostly my babe boi Erik"Danny" Salas.I will later post up da new peepz N Diz lounge!!!!

More Disc Jockey'z coming in??????????

So far we got this great Chica named Pattie Moreno.Big Up'z to her and alot of love for choosing B95 for station N da valley!!!!

Da History On Diz Station

Personal Interviews On Da Morning Show Dj'z

G-Man:"#1 station stayed all the time on the air and B95 has been on air for 30 yrs. which makes it very powerful, also known all over the world.It has great format,such as R&B, Hip-Hop-really hot music right now,great people working for B95,such are are professionals."

Chi Chi Lee:"(No Comment)"

Andre:"(No Comment)"

(My Sticka Iz Ghetto I Know I made this one myself)
If you want a sticka not similiar to this for your own feel free to write to the following address with your name and address and make sure to tell them what you want and how many stickaz:
B95 Studio
83 East Shaw Suite 150
Fresno,CA. 93710

Or check out their website at :

Or Hit Them Up On The Phone Lines at: