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Welcome to the 'unofficial' temple of Zanath. this was made because I got tired of waiting for Pixie to finish his......hehe. It may not be as colourful, but hey, it works!.....
Well actually, now I re-did the site with ooh, pretty colours, it err, is as colourful as Pixie' there....


Zanath is the ninth god of Kharne, holding true to the ideals of neutrality and balance. He was first banished by Fleyshur, after he united the other gods against him. Then during the Fleyshur Hegemony, Sigmund of Thirgard became Zanath's avatar and freed his god. Since then Zanath's power has been steadily growing and now the temple is again recognised on Kharne.

Zanath accepts all into his alliance, be they good, evil, warlike, or peaceful. For ours is the way of neutrality and balance. Our purpose is the right the balance, should one side become to strong.

I, the 'Eyes of Zanath', Jarek the Wise (Darkheart), travel the world of Kharne, searching for new noviates to enter our temple. For I am the head recruiter for Zanath.

Our temple offers a variety of things to a new member. You will get access to all of our mailing and chat communities, as well as entry into our alliance arena fights, should you wish it. Members can be as active as they like, participating in our events and contributing to the newsletter, or simply sitting back and watching......

If you wish to enter our alliance, please click on the link below and fill out the request form. I will answer as soon as I'm able.

News for all, My parties, the Warriors of Darkness, and the Holy Swords,
are departing from this continent, the Holy Swords shall disappear, as mysterious as ever, but the Warriors of Darkness have been sighted on a ship, heading for the Chaoslands, there, a new party shall be formed.
I will still be running this site, however, and will hopefully keep in track with all the alliance and game 14 news, but I shall no longer be remaining on this continent, no doubt, one day they shall return..........

Alliance Subjects

Enter our prestigious alliance

Our HQ's and what services they offer

Info on my alliance party

Alliance rules

Alliance History and Information

Zanath's Forgotten Lore, a history of all things long forgotten to sages of Kharne
Zanath's book of Forgotten Lore

Some interesting....ok,
some weird facts about Zanath

Bungle's Idiots Guide to Dungeoneering


My new IRC page, some useful links and chat info

Check out Pixie's Zanath page.....
it may not be finished quite yet......


My Game 17 Parties

The Death Knights

The Warriors of Darkness

Alliance Email Information

Mail the ex-alliance!
Mail the alliance head

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A piccy of Fluffy-Squirrel

Piccies of Fluffy-Squirrel and his Fluffy friends

The Story of Me

My WinAmp skins

My mIRC stuff

Alton Towers Pics

April Meet Pics

Caption Pics

April Meet 2001 Captions

#quest Invaders!

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