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Each of the many enthusiast who keep scorpions have our own bag of tricks and idiosyncrasies. There are many who have succeeded and equally large number who have failed.

In scorpion, mere survival is not sufficient as a criteria for success. Successful breeding is a sure sign that one got most of the equation right. In addition. it helps to reduce the depletion of the wild population from pressure of collection. This is to be encouraged especially for more uncommon species.

Here is a list of people who have experience in breeding (not those pregnant prior to acquisition) and raising the species from young.  You may contact them via the email provided.

Richard Tooley

    1. Centruroides vittatus
    2. Centruroides exilicauda
    3. Centruroides gracilis
    4. Isometrus maculatus
    5. Parabuthus transvaalicus
    6. Hottentota trilineatus
    7. Vaejovis carolinianus
    8. Androctonus australis

Chua Kian Wee

  1. Heterometrus spinifer
  2. Heterometrus laoticus

Ian Engelbrecht

  1. Uroplectes formosus
  2. Opistopthalmus carinatus


Species of scorpions kept by scorpion enthusiast

Richard Tooley

kept 45 species before......

Dan Estabrooks

  1. Hadrurus spadix
  2. Hadrurus arizonensis
  3. Centruroides vittatus
  4. Vaejovis carolinianus
  5. Vaejovis sp. (?)
  6. Pandinus imperator
  7. Centruriodes exilicauda (pending change to C.sculpturatus?)
  8. Uroctonus mordax
  9. Isometrus maculatus

Chua Kian Wee

  1. Heterometrus spinifer
  2. Heterometrus laoticus
  3. Heterometrus longimanus
  4. Vaejovis spinigerus (gave birth)
  5. Centruroides vittatus (gave birth)
  6. Hadrurus arizonensis
  7. Isometrus maculatus
  8. Pandinus imperator
  9. Lychas sp.?