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Sera Faith's Marrach Page


Faith Adopts Whyndam

Faith has always wanted to adopt Whyndam as her older brother ever since he was re-awakened, and this was the night it finally happened!

A little balcony room, with a view to the east.

Whyndam and you are standing near the door. A plain girdle is on the wicker chair.

Whyndam glances at the wicker chair. 

You glance at a plain girdle.

Whyndam raises his arched eyebrow. 

You take a plain girdle.

Whyndam chuckles, "I would hate to know what was happening in here." 

You smile slightly at your plain girdle, "I'll dispose of this later."

Whyndam closes the door.

You frown amusedly at Whyndam.

You move from the door to the wicker chair.

You sit down on the wicker chair. 

Whyndam walks to the small table.

Whyndam moves from the door to the small table. 

Whyndam turns to you.

You lean contentedly.

Whyndam is a rugged man of olive complexion with a full head of wavy blue black hair, long and windblown. He is carrying his scroll and his scroll. He is wearing a white felt pouch, an auburn broadcloth vest, an oxblood homespun hooded cloak, auburn broadcloth pants and ebony tall boots.

Whyndam smiles warmly at you, "I did get your scroll the other eve." 

Whyndam opens his white felt pouch.

Whyndam takes a scroll.

You smile knowingly.

Whyndam recites from Whyndam's scroll... 

Whyndam starts, "The scroll is addressed to Whyndam."

Whyndam says, "It recites as follows..." 

Whyndam recites, "(reads scroll Faith wrote him)

You wince inwardly. 

You shake your head smilingly.

Whyndam smiles warmly at you, "I am quite honored that you do feel that way about me, my friend."

You listen to Whyndam attentively, "Aye..." 

Whyndam puts a scroll in Whyndam's white felt pouch.

Whyndam closes his white felt pouch. 

You cross your fingers covertly.

OOC - you say "Okay, kill Faith with the silence."

OOC - you say "=)" 

Whyndam smiles warmly at you, "Why do you choose me? I am sure there are many others who could fill those shoes as well?"

OOC - Whyndam says "Hehe... tension is great!"

You tell Whyndam softly, "Others? Almost all the sers whom I consider wonderful friends has either left...or our friendship has dwindled away slowly." 

You shake your head gently, "Tis amazing how so many in my life has left."

Whyndam smiles kindly at you.

Whyndam inquires solemnly of you, "So I am your last choice?"

You chuckle to Whyndam, "Not last. I believe that if there is someone I cherish, I should do something about it to hold them close to my heart...because I would hate to see them leave without me doing anything with the genuine friendship the two of us shared."

You gaze at Whyndam truthfully.

Whyndam smiles broadly at you, "I was just kidding about asking if I was the last choice. If I am to be your older brother, I must give you a hard time sometimes as well."

Whyndam winks at you.

You furrow your smooth forehead, "Ah. A conflict-seeker."

You smile hiddenly.

Whyndam chuckles at you, "Only good-natured conflict with those I do care about."

You smile brightly to Whyndam.

Whyndam smiles warmly at you, "I am honored you wish me to be a part of your family, and I do accept it whole-heartedly."

You straighten happily.

Whyndam allows you to run him.

You move from the wicker chair to Whyndam.

You run to Whyndam.

You hug Whyndam tightly, "Oh thanks!"

Whyndam grins at you.

Whyndam hugs you tightly, "It is my pleasure, little sister."

You gasp deeply.

You hold your ribcage, "Oh that sounds so wonderful."

You bounce giddily.

Whyndam smiles broadly at you, "Aye, it does feel good to say it as well." 

Whyndam smiles warmly at you, "If we are going to be brother and sister, then you must call me by my first name." 

You hug Whyndam repeatedly.

You grin happily to Whyndam, "All right! I think I heard other people call you 'Bren' before, correct?"

Whyndam smiles broadly at you, "Aye, that is correct. Bren is my first name."