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Sera Faith's Marrach Page


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Events in Life

There were many important events in Faith's life. Whether joyous times or deeply saddening occasions, there was always something happening around Faith, to her and others.

:Faith awakens in December of the 2000th year.:

:Rand begins to court Faith in January of 2001 and eventually asks her to marry him.:

:As she lives in the Outer Bailey, Faith becomes a Battler, Awakener, and becomes involved in other groups.:

:Faith loses her sister Seraphina to the parapets and Scott also disappears after ending his relationship with the one woman he truly loved, Aleena.:

:After serving the Outer Bailey for many moons, Faith is finally named Honored Guest and gets a promotion to Scribe of the Chancery and Acolyte of the Royal Chapel, with no choice but to relieve herself from her Outer Bailey affiliations.:

:Rand adopts Jennet and Astana as his daughters.:
:An intriguing ser named Ciruelo, who refuses to speak, saves Faith from a angry Newly and the two become friends.:
:Faith adopts Diana and Whyndam as siblings.:
:The Squire's Challenge begins. The participants are sers Gawyn, Pete, Arikon, Jayland, and sera Kassiana. Faith performs her very first Herald duty in the Outer Bailey.:
:The Squire's Challenge ends; Pete and Gawyn are made the new Squires.:
:Faith is wouded in a duel with Ravien. Magically, Faith's dagger heals Ravien instead of drawing blood. Ravien disappears and Faith's grave wound is treated immediately.:
:Stix is made Herald.:
:Faith and Rand break their long betrothal.: