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Sera Faith's Marrach Page


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Friends and Enemies

During her life in Marrach, Faith has made many friends, but also made some enemies. She is not the type of person people would dislike, but there have been some in the process of the days and months. (Follow the IC/OOC rule! Your character does not know this! Only you, the player. If you break this rule, you'll be in serious trouble!)

Friends/Respected Ones

Rand::Her ser for more than a year, the two lovers have been through more than many people can imagine. There was a time when Faith was sick for a long while, leaving Rand lonely and tempted him to court another sera by the name of Gwenvar. But the love between Faith and Rand has reunited them and kept them together since. They are planning to finally wed within the next few months.

Seraphina (Deceased)::Faith's older sister, who has led her through the first days of her Awakening. After shaming herself in front of Nobles and having a horrible time with her ser, Seraphina threw herself off the parapets.

Scott (Fate unknown)::Faith's older brother, whom she loved to death. Scott was a Watchman who loyally served Her Majesty. After the depressing end to his relationship with the one woman he loved named Aleena, Scott shut himself in his room and was not seen since. Rumour has it that he has changed his image completely and lives in a different name, watching Aleena and Faith from harm.

Umichan::Faith's good friend for many moons, Umichan has always had Faith's complete trust. Knowing that Umichan would do a much better job at being Preceptor of the Battle Guild, Faith withdrew from the runnings. The two have not talked much since Faith's entrance into the Inner Bailey, but Faith has an undying love for her lively friend.

Margaret::The Mistress and Faith has lost the friendly contact they've had for so long, but Faith hopes that in the future, the two will begin to talk once more. Margaret has helped Faith through her hard times in the old days, through Faith's problems with Rand and herself.

Ewan (Deceased)::Margaret's former betrothed, Faith would have never met him if not for Margaret. A Duelist-hopeful with kind intentions, he was one of Faith's favorite customers for hugs.

Duren::"Dur-Dur" to Faith, he has been one of the protectors of Faith whom she adored. Barbaric and outlandish, he attracts many seras, and the two continue to be good friends.

Myrth::One of Faith's closest friends, the Keeper has always had a place in Faith's heart. The two went through many happy days, never ending to gossip about new couples and sers who they thought were dashing indeed. Myrth is to be one of Faith's Heart-Keepers.

Cody (Fate Unknown)::The swordsman whom Faith admired the most. The two friends have always watched out for each other and have had a close-knit relationship. His disappearance has impacted Faith deeply and she still thinks of him. It is said that he was murdered, but others say that he has run off to explore the outer land.

Gareth::A man that Faith respects highly and someone who has been in her life ever since her days as a Battler. When he recently was re-Awakened from his death, Faith was overjoyed at seeing her good friend again. He has always comforted her through harsh times and she always looks up to him.

Angron::The two were the closest friends when Angron was a Chronicler of the Outer Bailey, and Faith was there for Angron during his angst days without Hope, his past betrothed. When Rand was away for a while, Angron was one of the reasons Faith still stood, or she would have crumbled from loneliness and depression. Even now, the two have an invisible bond, but do not quite show it with Angron's hectic schedule and Faith's as well.
Diana:: Faith's sister. Recently adopted, Diana and Faith have always been close friends, Diana being one of the reasons why Faith is who she is today.
Whyndam:: Faith's older brother. A handsome man who genuinely cares for his friends and loved ones, Whyndam died and was re-awakened. Whyndam is to be inducted into the Royal Guard with Myrth very soon.
Lobo:: A man Faith knew for quite some time, he is betrothed to Umichan. Faith believes that Umichan and Lobo are a perfect match, and Lobo's lively personality never fails to amuse Faith.
Lavinya:: An Acolyte-Natura who has a famous grin, which can light up Faith's day. Lavinya and Faith met each other through the Faith and continue to be good friends.
Khalea:: One of the Elder Teachers of the Battle Guild, Faith admires Khalea for her determination to teach others about the Blade, and her exceptional work with dueling as well. The two are good friends and Faith hopes to see Khalea rise into the Inner Bailey.
Ravelyn:: Fellow Scribe of the Chancery. Ravelyn has always been in Faith's life, yet the two never really got to become good friends. With wit and a sharp tongue, Ravelyn is famous in the Outer and Inner Bailey for her poise, dignity, and loyalty. She is to be married to Angron within the moon.
Isaria:: Faith is an aide to this Acolyte-Natura, also a Handmaiden to Her Majesty the Queen. Faith has known Isaria since she was Newly Awakened, and the two have been good friends. But time seems to have separated them ever so slightly...
Ophidias:: Another Acolyte-Natura whom Faith adores. Ophidias may not know it, but Faith sees her in a respectful light, for this Acolyte cherishes each friend and is known for her beauty and elegance.
Robert:: The current Master Armourer Royal and betrothed to Finna, Robert holds a special meaning to Faith. Faith started to know Robert when he was a Duelist and betrothed to his former love, Kiera. The two have bonded slowly and continue to do so.
Camilia (Deceased):: Faith has many fond memories of this sera. Camilia did not know how to speak Common, but made everyone laugh and tear with her warm personality. She was close to Lith, and went down to the catacombs often. It is said that Camilia's daughter resides in the Castle, but no one knows who she is. 
Ghent:: A friendly and vivacious Duelist whom Faith met when he was interested in the Seekers for the first time. Ever since, the two have become close friends, and Faith has learned to trust this ser completely.
Stix:: Faith met Stix through the Battle Guild, and he climbed the ranks until reaching Elder, which he is currently. However, she became closer to him through both of them being Herald hopefuls and he has helped her straighten her true Path, which she is everlastingly thankful.
Ciruelo:: When a Newly was assaulting Faith in the Refectory, this gallant ser came to her rescue. Because of a horrid past, he refuses to speak a word, but only with gestures and pictures. He reminds Faith strangely of Scott, but the two became companions and she has begun to help him open himself up to his past.

(More when I have time!)