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Sera Faith's Marrach Page

F a i t h   D i ' C o u r t e 

::My horse began to stamp restlessly as I leaned against him, reading the small scroll in my hand. For God's sake, I've turned from a Lady in court to a dirty messenger in one night. This was surely unpleasant. I couldn't believe the King consented when one of the foreign nations asked him to send one of his Ladies to teach courtesy to their people. Good riddance, twas torture to see Lady Elysia laugh in my face when I was carried away on horseback. Woe onto me, how I miss my comfortable bed... and my love. I raised my eyes and squinted towards the distant mountains. We were almost there. I beckoned to one of the Knights to help me up and we started towards the castle of Galipeh..::
Faith woke up with a start, her vivacious pale blue eyes now listless with anxiety. The same dream had visited her frequently during her many moons as a denizen of Her Majesty the Queen. She slid to the floor and padded quietly to the mirror, examining herself cluelessly. Who was she, really? A slim and lively woman with long and layered dark hair, she *did* look like some sort of Lady. Who's Castle did she belong to in her past life? She patted her high cheeks slightly, hoping that will help her of any type of solution. Puckering her sensual lips, she gave up, clamoring into her bed again. She caressed her smooth forehead, pondering deeply upon her past and this repeating dream. Eventually, Faith slowly fell back into slumber... 
Being awakened the moon after the Newly Awakenings began, Faith has been an active part of the Marrachian community. Currently, she has been promoted to Chief Scribe of Chancery, remain a Quester of the Chivalric Heart, and is an Honoured Guest. Her secret ambition is to become one of the Ladies in court, perhaps to re-live that life she had in the past. She's an extremely friendly person who enjoys being with her friends, and when she is not writing busily upon scrolls and books, she is probably sparring in the Outer Practice Room or the Inner Ballroom..


2002 Sergey Shevelev