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A CRYA Membership  enables you  to race in Canadian and International regattas.  A unique CRYA membership number is assigned to each new member.  This personal number is used in our records to identify you and link you to any yachts you may register with the CRYA now or in the future.

CRYA dues are annual and become payable at the beginning of each calendar year.  Our current fee Schedule is $15.00 for the first member at a mailing address and $7.50 for each additional member at the same mailing address.  Our   newsletter Canadian Radio Yachting is published four times per year.  The newsletter includes notices of coming events, club reports, model yacht construction tips, racing tips and other newsworthy items.  

In addition to personal membership the CRYA maintains a national registry of model yachts.  All yacht classes are eligible for registration.  Registration of a model yacht gives the owner a sail number assignment unique to the  class.

Yacht registrations are a one-time fee.  The fee for yacht registration is $5.00.  A previously registered yacht my be transferred to the new owner for a fee of $2.00 if the original registration card is is returned to the registrar otherwise a fee of $5.00 applies.  

A membership application form is available for your convenience.  Print the form and mail it with the corresponding fees to the Treasurer/Registrar. If you have difficulty printing the web form available by following the link then try the PDF format below. 

Membership Form  / Yacht Registration PDF form   

The Membership Form  is in Adobe  Portable Document Format (PDF).  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required on your system to open and print the form.  You may download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems using this button.  



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