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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Canadian Radio Yachting 

The quarterly Canadian Radio Yachting,  newsletter of the C R Y A

Winter  2005 Edition mailed March 5,2005

If you haven't received your copy within 10 days please advise the Treasurer / Registrar. 

Recent Changes

March 6,2005

Refreshed Links

2005 Championship Regattas


March 2,2004

  • Added Okanagan Model Sailing Association link
  • Refresh links / references 


March 29, 2003

 IOM World Championship 2003 - Preliminary Entrants list page added
Dec 15,2002 IOM Ranking List moved to Archives section

February 20, 2003  - Added Victoria class secretary to Contacts page

December 19,2002  - Added Dec 15,2002 IOM Ranking list

December 19,2002 - Sept 2002 IOM Ranking moved to the Archives section

December 3,2002 - Revised Business Calendar, 2003 Contacts updates

November 27,2002 - Updates to the IOM and Soling Class pages.

November 5,2002 - Mini 12 Metre Class Page added

November 1, 2002 - Search page added.

October 30,2002 - Sailor of the Year Award pages added.

Oct 26,2002
Links page update  - ISAF-RSD Division Member list now include Links to all member sites. Division Members without sites are not listed.

Oct 26,2002
Supplier page update - Revised suppliers to include New Suppliers and/or address changes.  

October 25,2002
A Site Map page has been added.

October 24,2002
Feedback Page added - Let us know what you think of the Newsletter, the Web site, or any other topic. Your Name, Address, and e-mail address must be entered to use the Comments form.   





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