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How to Sail Fast:  Rig Tuning by Bob Sterne

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IOM Reference

IOM Compendium  a.k.a. Ducksoup -  A web site which  breaks down a variety of commercially available IOM designs along with their suppliers. It also lists other "supply-chain oriented" links and information (but is non-commercial itself). 

Race Scoring Software

The administrative side of racing ranges from simple pre printed forms to spreadsheets and even complete scoring systems.  If you are looking for a method to automate or update your scoring process you may wish to look at Race Log.

It is available in both a shareware and a commercial version. 

Race Log is a comprehensive and easy to use One-Design yacht race scoring program. Easily score individual regattas or a whole season of races. Race Log provides tools for regatta registration,  scoring and more. Visit the Race Log web site for more information on the latest version. 





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