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Name: Crowbar
Aka: Devon Storm
Debut: 1993
Titles Held: WCW Tag Championship w/David Flair, Hardcore Championship
Crowbar began his wrestling career at the Iron Mike Sharpe Pro Wrestling School at a very young age. By the time he was 20 he already had several years of wrestling on the indy circuit under his belt. As Devon Storm some of the more well known groups he worked for were ECWA, NWA New Jersey, ECW (w/Ace Darling as "The Extreme") & the WWF. In July of 1999 he signed a contract with WCW & the persona of Crowbar was born shortly after that. Crowbar has recently exchanged his torn jeans for bell bottoms. He & Mike Awesome have formed a tag team, "Those 7os Guys." He is also a huge star wars fan. Shortly after returning to the torn jeans that we all know & love Crowbar won the Hardcore title.