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4.01 - Crowbar wrestled in a dark match on WWF Smackdown.

WCW Live Appearances

On 11.03.00 he was in a 3 way trivia dance with Bill Banks & a fan on WCW Live.
He was on WCW Live 10.17.00
On 9.29.00 he was on WCW Live along with Bill Banks.
Crowbar & Disqo were on WCW Live on 9.22.00.
Crowbar was on WCW Live on 8.24.00.
Crowbar was on WCW Live 7.05.00 but the link on WCW's site is not working at the moment.
Crowbar is on WCW Live 6.15.00. to listen click here.
Crowbar was on WCW Live on the following dates - 3.21.00, 4.06.00, 4.20.00, 4.27.00, 4.28.00, 5.10.00 - Click on the date that you would like to listen to.


Devon is interviewed by Gamer's Revolt.
An interview with Devon conducted in Spanish.
A Crowbar interview on WCW Universe.


8.29.00- Rumor has it that Daffney's secret admirer (Ozzie) is Ashley Hudson a former NWA North American Tag Team Champion & member of the New South tag team with Corey Williams.


7.21.00- Crowbar will be signing autographs at the Nitro Grill in Las Vegas from 5pm to 7pm. To see photos of this event click here.