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Thunder Nitro Pay-Per-Views

01.23.01 -Thunder- vs. Ron Harris. Crowbar is defeated when The Harris Brothers switch places and Big D gets the pinfall.
01.14.01 -Sin- Crowbar vs Meng vs Terry Funk for the Hardcore Title.Meng enters the ring, Terry Funk follows but is stopped when Daffney, who's in the crowd, throws water at him. Funk grabs Daffney by her hair & drags her over the barricade. Crowbar comes form the back & gives Funk several chairshots until he lets go off Daffney's hair. Both men fight to the back & into the ladies bathroom. Meng stays behind & watches. Both battle in the bathroom for a little while. Funk then grabs Crowbar by the hair & starts to leave when he runs into Meng. Meng goes after Funk & Crowbar gets a chance to recover. Meng & Funk fight back into the arena. Crowbar grabs a fire extinguisher & uses it on Funk. Crowbar & Meng doubleteam Funk. Meng ends up getting 5 tables thrown on top of him. Crowbar has Funk on a table by the arena seats & climbs up to the top of them. He jumps off & the camera changes angle so you get to look at some guys elbow. Real nice! A few minutes later they show the replay. Crowbar came off the top with a Guillotine legdrop onto Funk who was laying on a table on the concrete. Meng attacks Crowbar. In the aisle way to the ring Funk puts up a guardrail & throws Crowbar onto it. The guardrail breaks in two leaving Crowbar in the middle looking like his ankle would be severely injured but he still gets back up. Crowbar & Funk fight back in the ring & Crowbar attacks his knees. Funk is barely standing at this point. Crowbar slaps Funk in the face & Funk returns it. Crowbar then puts Funk in a figure four. Meng goes to the top & jumps off onto Crowbar. He's then put in a piledriver & Meng goes for the cover but it's broken by Funk. Meng then goes to the top rope & comes off on Funk & goes for the pin. Crowbar breaks it. Meng receives several chair shots & several pin attempts follow. Funk tries to recruit Crowbar to go against Meng but gets hit with a chair. Crowbar is kicked in the head by Meng while holding up a steel chair. Funk is put in the Tongan Death Grip & Meng wins the title. Personally, I'm really hoping that Crowbar gets the title back soon. As highly as the commentators talk of him it can't be long before he gets another shot.
11.08.00 -Thunder- Crowbar gets a shot at the Hardcore Championship against Reno. As Crowbar walks onto the stage, with his new music playing in the background, he takes off the 70s gear & wears just his jeans. He runs to the ring & is hit by Reno with the kendo stick. Outside the ring Crowbar gets hit with a trash can lid but then reverses it & sends Reno into a trash can. Crowbar gets back in the ring & hits Reno with a chair. He then puts the chair on top of Reno & does a leg drop onto it. Reaching under the ring Crowbar pulls out a ladder & puts it in the ring. He slams Reno, hits him with a low blow & puts the ladder on top of him. Crowbar then does a springboard splash off the ropes on to the ladder & Reno. Holding his stomach he stands & does a moonsault onto the ladder. At this point the announcers start talking about how well suited Crowbar is for Hardcore matches & how hard it is to prepare for him. Reno attacks Crowbar & throws him onto the ladder. Crowbar lands on his ankle on top of the ladder, the announcers start talking about how he should just stop the match now because he could have broken his ankle. Reno gets Crowbar in his Roll the dice & Crowbar hits him a paint pan until he lets go. Making Crowbar the first person to escape from Reno's signature hold. He attacks Reno & has his thumbs in his eyes, the ref counts this as a pin fall but doesn't get to 3. Crowbar sets up the ladder but Reno gets up & slams him. Crowbar is then thrown into the ladder & over the top rope but does a skin the cat & pulls himself back inside. He dropkicks Reno into the ladder & front suplexes him onto the top rope. Crowbar hits Reno in the face with a trash can & sends him to the arena floor. While Reno is laying on the ground Crowbar throws a ladder on top of him & then hits him with a chair. "This is what hardcore is meant to be" says the ringside announcers. Crowbar sets Reno in a chair & runs off the apron onto him. Reno starts walking away from the ring toward the stage. Crowbar attempts to hit him with a chair but is blocked & ends up getting with the chair himself. They brawl through the backstage area & Crowbar sprays Reno with a fire extinguisher. Back on the stage Reno is about to hit Crowbar with the extinguisher when Big Vito appears & Mafia kicks Reno off the stage. Crowbar gives Vito a high five. Crowbar comes off the stage with a splash onto Reno. The ref counts the pin & Crowbar wins the Hardcore championship. Mike Awesome & Gen. Rection come out to celebrate with him. Gene does an interview with Crowbar who is surrounded by the M.I.A & Mike Awesome. Crowbar says that all he needed was one chance, he got it & proved it. He is going to bring a new standard to the WCW Hardcore Division.
11.01.00 -Thunder- Crowbar is seen talking to Doug Dillenger at the check in deck when Bam Bam Bigelow walks in. Crowbar says hello & gets thrown into the wall by Bigelow. Later in the show Crowbar attacks Bigelow during his interview. Crowbar has quite a lot to say in his interview with Gene. You can read his entire speech here. Crowbar has a great match against Bigelow but ends up losing anyways.
10.23.00 -Nitro- Crowbar is "busy polishing his staff" when his interview with Pamela Paulshock starts. He says that he & Awesome have been wearing out the shocks on the bus every other week because all the chicks want him. Jimmy Hart interrupts & tells him that he's wanted in the ring. Crowbar makes his way to the ring kissing ladies hands & giving them hugs. Stevie Ray calls him his "main man". His opponent for the match is Vampiro who is making his return to WCW. Vampiro walks to the ring carrying nunchucks which he proceeds to use on Crowbar. Apparently this match has no rules. Crowbar & Vampiro trade blows outside the ring. They go back & forth with neither of them getting the advantage. Madden says that they have a lot in common "crazy gas station attendant & crazy count chocula." Vampiro & Crowbar are in the ring for a short time before Vampiro ends up outside courtesy of Crowbars baseball slide. Crowbar has the advantage after hitting a splash off the apron onto Vampiro & then sticking his thumbs in Vampiro's eyes. He then puts Vampiro into the steel chair. Vampiro lures him in & kicks Crowbar in the face. Crowbar gets up somehow & comes after Vampiro with a steel chair. Vampiro blocks & hits Crowbar with the chair. Both men get back in the ring. Crowbar hits his over the top rope splash & goes to the top turnbuckle but gets caught. Vampiro throws him off the top rope. Crowbar gets back up & if hit with a chair. He gets up again, receives a chair shot, Crowbar again gets up & gets another chair shot & he still gets back up again. Crowbar throws the chair at Vampiro & tries to knock him off the top rope. Crowbar ends up getting the chair kicked in his face. Vampiro goes for the cover but somehow Crowbar gets his foot on the ropes. Vampiro goes back up to the top rope & Crowbar knocks him off & gets him in a frankensteiner off the top rope. He hits Vampiro with the chair & places the the chair on his face. Crowbar then does a guillotine leg drop onto the chair. Vampiro gets back up & both men start brawling down the aisle way & onto the DJ booth. Two men in robes come out carrying 2 tables stacked on top of each other. Crowbar attempts to throw Vampiro thru the table but is distracted when one of the robed men grabs his leg. Vampiro catches him & chokeslams Crowbar thru the tables onto the concrete floor. Crowbar lays there for quite a while & the EMTs come out. Vampiro says that it's "all because of Mike Awesome." He shows a tape of Awesome powerbombing him thru a table. Vampiro says that he's been plotting this for 2 months & challenges Awesome to a match at Halloween Havok.
10.16.00 -Nitro- "Those 70's Guys" vs Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak. Mike Awesome & Crowbar enter the ring & Crowbar starts bouncing off the mat like usual. Awesome stops him & they both give the peace sign & dance a little. Palumbo & Stasiak come to the ring with Coach Kevin Nash who does commentary. The match begins. Palumbo is down & Crowbar does a splash over the ropes onto him & then does a spring board flip off the ropes onto Palumbo. Palumbo is then on the receiving end of an Awesome splash. Outside the ring Stasiak & Palumbo start arguing, Crowbar comes through the ropes & kicks them both. Awesome then comes flying over the top rope onto the both of them. Crowbar comes off the ring apron onto Palumbo & Awesome sends Stasiak into the ring barricade. Stasiak & Palumbo start working together & beat on Crowbar for a while. Stasiak gets him down but doesn't go for the cover. Palumbo comes in & Crowbar tries to get things back in his favor but is hit with a super kick. Stasiak & Palumbo attempt a double team but that fails. Crowbar gets one of the men in a frankensteiner on the outside of the ring. He then covers Stasiak but is pulled off by Palumbo. Palumbo & Crowbar start fighting on the outside of the ring. Awesome goes to the top rope but is stopped by Palumbo. Awesome is set up to be double teamed when Stasiak misses him & hits Palumbo. Awesome goes to the top rope & hits Stasiak with a frog splash & gets the pinfall. Crowbar is also one of the lumberjacks for the Sting vs. Kevin Nash match.
10.12.00 -Thunder- Mike Awesome & Crowbar vs. The Harris Brothers. The four men start off the match brawling. Mark Madden called them the "Polyester Dolts." The announcers had more positive things to say such as "Awesome & Huggybear sure can wrestle" & "great teamwork." Madden also said the they "must be tough if they're wearing pants like they're wearing tonight." Crowbar hit a great springboard flip off the ropes onto one of the Harris Bros.. After Crowbar took a lot of punishment Mike Awesome was finally able to tagin. When he called for a table Crowbar was quick to oblige. Awesome went for his power bomb but was kicked by one of the Harris Brothers. Awesome was about to be put through the table when Crowbar hit them with a chair. Awesome then threw Crowbar off the apron onto the the Harris Brother who was on the arena floor. Awesome then put the remaining brother through the table for the win.
10.04.00 -Thunder- Mike Awesome is seen talking to someone inside of a dressing room telling them that look "tight". Out come Crowbar dressed in his best seventies gear. (I hope to have a picture up soon.) Awesome tells him that all the ladies are going to love them. While they are in the ring Mike Awesome talks about how they love all the ladies, big, tall, fat, small, etc. Crowbar says that they are two wild & crazy guys & falls to the mat. Their opponents for the match are tag champs Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak. The match goes back & forth with Crowbar taking alot of punishment & being called Huggy Bar by Stevie Ray. He also says that Crowbar is one of the most talented & underrated wrestlers in the business. The other broadcasters agree. Crowbar ends up getting the mind bender on Jindrak but O'Haire saves his partner. Crowbar ends up being thrown thru a table & pinned.
9.18.00 -Nitro- No Crowbar
9.11.00 -Nitro- David Flair is shown getting out of his limo & Crowbar walks up to wish him the best in his wedding tonight. Daffney also comes up & introduces David to Ozzy, her boyfriend. During the wedding Crowbar is shown in the ring wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, his cleanest dirty jeans, a top hat & cane. Daffney is also in the ring as a member of the wedding party. The wedding is called off when Miss Hancock runs off after announcing that David is not the baby's father.
8.28.00 -Nitro- No Crowbar
8.16.00 -Thunder- Crowbar & Daffney are shown sitting in a dressing room right after David Flair's attempted proposal to Miss Hancock. Crowbar asks if she's handling everything ok & says that he's there for her if she needs him. Daffney replies that she was fine & went on to talk about the candy that she had received from a secret admirer & left the room. Crowbar looked pretty deflated when she talked about her secret admirer so I'm guessing it's not him. Poor guy always getting shot down. But hey at least he's on TV, well for 2 minutes anyway.
8.14.00 -Nitro- No Crowbar
8.13.00 -New Blood Rising- No Crowbar
7.12.00 -Thunder- Crowbar is sitting in the dressing room with Daffney & she acts him is she looked fat in her outfit. He said no, that she looked beautiful. Daffney says "let's go kick their butts." Crowbar just stares after her & looks somewhat forlorn. As the approach the ring Shane Douglas is saying how no one will lay a hand on Tori because she's not a wrestler. Crowbar runs to the ring & attacks Shane. Daffney gets the tag after a few minutes. She kicks Shane & puts him in a jawbreaker & then slaps Tori who's standing on the apron. A cat fight ensues & the ref breaks it up. Crowbar is laying on the mat & Tori covers him with a splash. She then goes back to her corner but Crowbar picks her up, takes her back to his corner & tags Daffney in. When he gets tagged back in Crowbar has the upper hand for a while & puts Shane in the corner & bites his head. Shane ends up getting him in the franchiser & gets the win. While Shane is standing on the corner ropes Daffney hits him with the pipe. She goes up to the top rope for the frankenscreamer & Shane grabs her & puts the franchiser on her.
7.10.00 -Nitro- Crowbar along with Daffney wrestled Shane Douglas along with Tori Wilson. After a few minutes the match went outside the ring & Crowbar grabbed a chair. When he went to hit Shane with it Tori jumped in front of him & Crowbar just pushed her out of the way. They made their way back into the ring & when Crowbar went to the ropes Tori tripped him. He did a baseball slide out of the ring hitting Shane. Tori grabs Crowbar by his hair so Daffney runs over & grabs Tori by her hair(extensions). Shane pulled Daffney away so she slapped him. Shane ends up winning the match with the Franchiser.
7.9.00 -Bash at the Beach- Crowbar came to the ring during Daffney's wedding gown match against Miss Hancock. David Flair & Miss H were about to shave Daffney's head when Crowbar came to the rescue. After clearing the ring & seeing David & the referee in their underwear (courtesy of Daffney & Miss Hancock) Crowbar decided to strip down to his boxers. He then put the Mind Bender on David Flair & choked him with his pants. Daffney won the match when Miss H. tore her own skirt off & started dancing. Crowbar sat down along side the other guys & watched. Daffney walked up to Miss H & shoved a piece of the wedding cake that was at ring side in her face. Naturally a cake fight ensued & Daffney looked happy for the first time in weeks. Crowbar followed Daffney from the ring & Daffney turned around & threw cake at him.
7.5.00 -Thunder- Crowbar arrives at the building ,still feeling the affects of the powerbomb from Mike Awesome, with Daffney following him. He goes off looking for David Flair & finds him with Miss Hancock. He grabs Flair & takes him to the ring leaving behind his pipe. When the hit the ring a match ensues. Crowbar gets the win with his MindBender. Crowbar then grabs David & holds his pipe up to his head. He then calls out Daffney & informs David that if he doesn't tell the truth his head will end up in the 12th row. Daffney comes to the ring & Crowbar begins his questioning. When he asks David who shaved Daffney's head David says that Miss Hancock did it. Flair also admits that he has been messing around on Daffney with Miss H. Daffney runs backstage with Crowbar chasing after her yelling that he only wanted to tell her the truth.
7.3.00 -Nitro- He's Back!!!!! Miss Hancock is in the ring dancing when Crowbar enters the ring behind her & starts dancing behind her. Making fun of her. He then grabs her & sits her in a chair & threatens to shave her head with the clippers he has in his hand. Crowbar calls David Flair to the ring. Davis who is watching backstage on a monitor while talking with Daffney fakes stomach pains. Daffney is sent to get Pepto Bismol by David. David goes to the ring & shortly after Daffney arrives & catches him helping Miss Hancock. Daffney pours the Pepto over his head & is attacked by Hancock. Crowbar pulls her off of Daffney & ends up getting hit in the head several times with a chair courtesy of David Flair. While Crowbar is knocked out, David & Miss H shave Daffneys head & leave the ring. But before leaving they put the clippers in Crowbars hand. He & Daffney come to & she sees the clippers in his hand & thinks that he shaved he head & runs from the ring. Crowbar runs after her telling her that David did it. While chasing her thru the backstage area, Crowbar is grabbed by Mike Awesome & powerbombed thru a table. Instead of allowing himself to taken to the hospital Crowbar refuses treatment. Awesome then attacks him again & throws him in the ambulance.
6.28.00 -Thunder- Again no Crowbar. What's up with that??!!!!
6.26.00 -Nitro- Crowbar was not on Nitro. :-(
6.21.00 -Thunder- Crowbar was shown in the locker room with several other wrestlers during the debut of 3 Count new song. From the look on his face I don't think he's a big fan of theirs.
6.19.00 -Nitro- Crowbar was not on Nitro this week.
6.17.00 -WCW Worldwide- Crowbar wrestled Vampiro. Vampiro wins.
6.14.00 -Thunder- Crowbar came to Daffney's aid after David Flair pushed her down. Crowbar & David ended up getting in a fight & David hit him with the statue of liberty.
6.12.00 -Nitro- No Crowbar
6.11.00 -Great American Bash- Crowbar was not on this PPV.