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Crowbar Encounters

Crowbar's speech on Thunder, 11/01

My entire career I've been plagued with words like untapped talent, underutilized, misused. I come here week after week, month after month to every WCW arena & do what I'm told. Regardless, I do my job.It so happens tonight you can add Bam Bam Bigelow's name to a long list of players that decide they have something to prove. "Let's start with Crowbar, make an example there." Well Gene, I've been thrown off balconies, off scaffolds, put through ringside tables, announcers tables. You name it I've done it. But I come back week after week after week cause I'm loaded with nothing but heart. Tonight I'm not here to challenge Bam Bam Bigelow, I don't even care if I beat you. I just want to hurt you. Cause tonight my stars gonna start to rise here in the company. Whether WCW wants it to or not.