A Child Cancer Patient's Prayer


Dear Father God,

I have often asked, why me?

But young as I am, I have come to realize

That it is Your Will that gives direction to my life.

I have no idea where I am going.

I do not see the road ahead of me.

And I cannot know for certain where it will end.

But one thing I know for certain.

I am not alone.

Along the journey of my sickness,

When I was crying from pain,

There were always people who showed me that they loved and cared for me.

My parents. My doctors. My nurses. My family and my friends.

I also know that there are so many others who have helped me and continue to help me.

I am told that there are those who have dedicated their lives to discover medicines that will cure me.

With all the care and attention of my doctors, and the love of my family, and the concern of so many of you who care for children like me, I know why I am still healthy and strong today.


Dear Father God,

If I can make a wish,

I wish that everyone present here today will never forget, never lose hope, to make tomorrow a better world for children like me.

I know that you have given each one of them

the gift of mind

the gift of commitment and strength, and an overflowing gift of love and concern for all those who are sick with cancer.


To everyone present today,

For your love and concern, I want to say "I love you"

And dear Father God,

Take care of them because the world needs them.